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The Dark Boss

by Raja Sharma
copyright 09-03-2008

Age Rating: 18 +
The Dark Boss
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To Money, Sex, Drugs, and Drinks,
All call in their fun:
And to these virtues of dark
Return their thankfulness.

For Money, Sex, Drugs, and Drinks,
Is Boss, our mentor dear:
And Money, Sex, Drugs, and Drinks,
Is Man, his child and care.

For Money has a satanic heart,
Sex an ugly face:
And Drugs, the hazy form crime,
And Drinks, the social dress.

Then everyman of every clime,
That jumps in this surplus
Prays to the hazy form crime,
Drink, Money, Sex, Drugs.

All must hate the hazy form,
In Hindu, Muslim, or You.
Where Money, Sex, Drugs dwell
There Boss is dwelling too!

By Rajasir 4th September 2008

This poem is dedicated to a great master of the past. His poems are about Divinity and Peace but I have drawn a parallel by presenting my thoughts in the modern context. Kindly concentrate on the form and punctuation and then draw the conclusions.

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