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No "Coming" Now

by Raja Sharma
copyright 09-03-2008

Age Rating: 18 +
Picture Credits: Personal Collection

Scattered numbers of Adams wait,
Why is that Second Coming late?
Throngs baffle Lord at the Hellís gate,
Why Adam chose his ugly fate?

Yonder, poet in dark thought of light!
Scribbles lines of Adam in plight.
Why is bliss an eternal night?
Beware! These Adams gnaw Ďní bite!

Now shrouds, coffins, and graves they sell,
Touch their land water air, they yell!
Deaf was, has been, is to the knell,
Where, if He comes, will now He dwell?

By Rajasir 4th September 2008

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        06-29-2011     Frank Fields        

At least it's out of Workshop now, as it should have been, long ago. ^_~

Frank :)

        06-29-2011     Frank Fields        

Has this work also been slightly edited? I don't recall as much of a slightly cynical tone in the first. But still, the years pass, memory fades, and each new day has its own interpretations and meanings. Even if it has been edited, it is still an excellent work. ^^

Frank :)

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