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Seasons Of Our Love

by Frank Fields
copyright 09-17-2008

Age Rating: 7 +
Seasons Of Our Love
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for Sarah

Summer's on the trellis vine
Spring rains have long been gone
Fall has yet to come with
Winter's last year's memory.


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        09-29-2008     Samantha Powers        

there are so many levels to just this one short length of a poem
my curiosity peeks to know whom this Sarah is
and i Love how you described the seasons even though there was no detail of the seasons i can use my own imagination to view the meaning of each season.
great poem

        09-20-2008     Raja Sharma        

Message of love, images allegorical, emotion subtle, lines glittering, diction emphatic and the poet rejoices and shares a part with the readers.
Well done.
God bless you

        09-19-2008     Gloria Sanford        

Bravo just 4 verses you painted a Mona Lisa...just 4 strokes the brush and a master piece prepared....It was beautiful thank you small word for one large applause...the poets corner has never shined brighter,,,Bravo

        09-19-2008     Richard Reed Jr        

Beautiful imagery as usual. I can imagine Monet and Renoir giving their impressionistic touch to it or are you giving an impresionistic touch to their paintings?
But Hey---Frank your poem should be longer than my comment has to be! LOL eh eh eh.

        09-18-2008     Jeanette Broussard        

I love this poem. Each season is covered in a very unique and interesting way. The words are well chosen and it flows wonderfully and with meaning. Well written and a joy to read and think about. Thanks, Jeanette

        09-18-2008     Walter Jones        

The soul leaves the body, walks among the trees, oft I wonder who and what are we, poets in the body, words left to page, special forms, voices in age, triggered a mental picture, thank you Walt

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