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Let Me Fall Up

by Angela Toshner (Age: 27)
copyright 10-09-2008

Age Rating: 13 +

Give me pride or give me hope,
I need to have something to hold onto,
Something to breathe into
Someone to fall up to.

The window seat is my enemy
You broke me down so I can bleed no more.
I may be free, but I am not free.
Now I finally have someone in my grasp
And you interfere.

Give me pride or give me hope.

I need to save my one last regret
For when we meet again,
For now all I know is anger,
Not sorrow, not guilt, just anger.

I need to have something to hold onto.

I need to know why,
Why did you do what you did?
But you keep me at a length
So close that I can feel you breathing down my spine
Yet you laugh at my eternal being
And all I can do is beat the sky.

Something to breathe into.

Someone tries to pry open the iron clasps
You have fastened around my wrists.
I scream at them, tell them to get away,
To save themselves.
But they are true, whereas you would have ran.

Someone to fall up to.

I refuse to let you rule my soul.
You’ve owned, “your girl” for 5 years.
Enough is enough,
Its time to let go
Let me fall up.

Give me pride or give me hope,
I need to have something to hold onto,
Something to breathe into,
Someone to fall up to.

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        08-18-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

Lovely idea, and lovely concept. You applied it very well to this poem and really conveyed a unique feeling. Great work, it's always enjoyable to read your poetry!

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

        10-13-2008     Susan Brown        

"Let Me Fall Up" - uplifting - puts me in mind to "Rising up" monumental images appear. Enjoyed reading this. It stands tall as a declaration of one's own independence...which when I take notice of... in a personal piece, brings a smile to my face.

        10-13-2008     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

Most breakups don't have you feeling good and that is where I think the falling up comes in. I like the idea that the breakup hurt, but you will be better for it and usually you are. We should not let others get us down and those that are not trying to help should be left behind. Great write, Anthony

        10-12-2008     Frank Fields        

This is a very powerful, very dramatic presentation that very well describe the emotions and attitudes of a separation. And, yes, the twist on falling "up" makes it even that much more powerful and meaningful. I'm pleased that you made the edits Debra suggested. The work would not have been as smooth as it is without those changes. A poem within a poem, also, I see. Very well done! ^^

Frank :)

        10-11-2008     Diana Johnson        

loved the freeform and flow that you have achieved here and love the concept of falling up...i an definitely going to try that...falling down has never helped...very good read and looking forward to more...yours, diana

        10-11-2008     Debra Rose        

Something to breath into
(Do you mean "breathe into"?)

I'm actually surprised to see this up. There are so few times when a work actually seems worth the read, or has a message that means something truly touching.

This has to be one of the best works I've ever read, because the idea of breaking away from someone and "falling up" instead of "falling down" is such a poignant message. When something breaks, use that to leverage yourself to somewhere better.

Fantastic writing!

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