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Death of Poesy

by Raja Sharma
copyright 10-27-2008

Age Rating: 10 +

A dark slow death I smell in air
Old poesy moans both nude and bare
A Chaucer tale in infancy
Chaos now heard everywhere.

Lines twelve Bard ended with a pair
Lucy’s Wordsworth gave nature’s care
Blake and Shelly dared new fancy
Milton added a divine share.

Now says this is all that I care
Wolf devours every lamb and hare
Sly and ugly beguiling as death
Old poet stands in tears to stare.

by Rajasir 25th Oct.2008

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        11-08-2008     Frank Fields        

I was in the mountains
Sage smell filled the air
Blue pines towered overhead
Golden aspen, quaking gold
Eagle soaring on the hunt
And they all passed by
The bards of old
To see where their words
Had taken them and theirs
Approving, each one passing
Saw their worth and mark
Gave a nod and smiling all
Oped their door with welcome.

Frank :)

        11-03-2008     Arthur G. Finch        

The mason takes stone and brick as building material, a hammer, chisel, and square as tools to build. Likewise my brother uses words, accents, dialect, and knowledge and wisdom as building materials with pen and ink, conscience, love, mercy righteousness as tools, he shapes the mind, hearts empathy and sympathy of his readers and hearers. The mason's work may last a thousand years or two, the ideals and concept of my poet brother will be spoken throughout eternity.

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