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And So

by Richard Reed Jr
copyright 10-31-2008

Age Rating: 7 +

heart reaches
the point where river
blocks his path
halfway down the mountain
where looking back sky
is brilliant blindness
casting shadows all around

distorted visages laugh
speaking with inaudible voices
and tongues babbling are
no longer understood

sky overhead is growing dark
once clear is not
once warming is not
heart is perplexed by the murkiness
around him
chilled by graying sky
heart is upset by sky's
growing disinterest
and so he looks ahead

a curtain of darkness hangs
there covering the world
impervious to the sharpest of eyes
with clarity not forthcoming
around him
heart looks inside himself but
finds no mirror cloudy or bright

once a secretive ordinary heart
now he opens to waiting baskets
one filled with lemons and passion
another carrying all
he has ever lost

they are both empty

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        11-09-2008     Raja Sharma        

Flavour to savor, thrill to absorb, music to enjoy, love to be felt, and the delight to be shared. This is a wonderful poem, a great work.
God bless you

        11-05-2008     Frank Fields        

Very surrealistic, with a haunting quality that makes one think of life and death and love, including an empty basket filled with all that was once owned and known. ^_~

Frank :)

        10-31-2008     Emily Garwood        

chilling that (well to me atleast) reminds me of something i was thinking about a few days.
This is really well written and i love it alot, and as always splendid usage of words keep it up!


        10-31-2008     Alexandra Spencer        

Wow that was a really really super nice poem, not exactly a halloween style poem, but it is brilliant poem, and I'll read more of your other writings another time.


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