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by Susan Brown (Age: 58)
copyright 11-06-2008

Age Rating: 16 +

Why didn't you reach for me?
I could have held you tight
Until the danger passed
...and you were well, again
Why didn't you reach for me?

Hearts shall break
You were young
Gnath this slippery path
The gabor awaits - go remi
The ages now dance for you

Why didn't you reach for me?
I would have held you upright
Until the reaper passed
...and you were safe, again
Why didn't you reach for me?

If only
You would have called out to us before
This shadow of dark, set sail
We would have found a way
To bring you home, again
Why didn't you reach...Carol?
Why didn't you?

A/Note: Gabor-white horse, Remi-ahead

This week alcohol poisoning claimed my beautiful friend.
Please reach,
People do care and can help given the chance.

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        03-16-2010     Mae Futter Stein        

Hi Susan,
Habits of poisons to ones self inflicted, are a sickness, untreated, that is heart breaking to those who cared. They cannot reach out, because they don't think they need help. You were there for them in love, but helpless in time. Your poem was very sad, and I just wanted to reach out to hold your hand and say, "it's o.k to be sad." Great poem....hugs, Mae

        11-05-2009     Eric Siedzikowski        

This is a heart-felt elegy that will cause the angels in the halidom to sigh with sorrow for whom has been lost and hopefully has been found. Verily a soulful write that moved me emotionally.

        12-07-2008     Arthur G. Finch        

Dear Susan, what a gut revealing write, one that we all can relate to in either a friend or relative. There is such pathos, and sadness. I felt the piece was well thought out and written, The reoccurring refrain, "Why did you not call me, I would have come.: was super packed. The imagery and flow of energy were extremely powerful. Thank you for sharing this one with us all.

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