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Heart Un-Parched

by Angela Toshner (Age: 27)
copyright 11-23-2008

Age Rating: 13 +

They tell me you are happy
Even after you tore me apart
They tell me you are laughing
After all that you have said.
Well, to tell you the truth,
I am happy too.
Happy that I am free from you.

That all the games you played with me
Trying to act like you were different
Are finally done and over with.

You talk about trust,
How you hope not to lose mine,
You already lost it
The day you said goodbye.

I can lie to myself,
And say that it isnít true
But in the end I will never trust you.
I know that that hurts,
But you need to know
What itís like to feel the pain
Of someone letting go.

You keep saying youíre so horrible
That everyone you hurt.
That you canít censor yourself
And stop being a jerk.

This ones the real poem
The one no one else sees
The one that says how I really feel
And how I view my dreams.

You cannot walk in my life,
Acting like you did
And in the end just turn and run
When you realized my bid.

Donít worry or ask about me,
I can take care of myself,
Finally I let go of my past,
Thanks to you of course,
And when I see you on the street
My mind will not lose course.

I am over you,
I know this may be harsh
But this is who I am now,
Without you, without me.
Heart un-parched.

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        08-18-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

I simply adore this poem! The determination and resolve of the narrator is very inspiring. Letting go and just moving on, no matter how difficult it is or what has already happened, is something everyone has to do in their lives.

Excellent work! I'm adding this one to my favorites.

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

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