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Breezy Wild

by Susan Brown (Age: 58)
copyright 11-28-2008

Age Rating: 16 +

The Dirty Verde

Gravy boat uBay?
Purdente "Verde"
~Freckled face~
This training takes our place

California dreaming
For you...I sway...holds different meaning
Shoot the turkey wild!
To us you're still a child

We're use to sending boys
I cannot state my mind deploys
This modern trail you blaze
I pray today, ti's just a faze

I hear there's a tattoo?
You know you're in
Your Auntie's stew
So true, so true!

Thanksgiving love I send, for you~

Aunt Sue

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        12-29-2008     Frank Fields        

This is a work I wouldn't even begin to try interpreting. Go with the feelings, not the mind, I told myself. So, my feelings said this is an extremely personal write, with bits and pieces that just popped out of your consciousness during the writing, but which had to be written down. For yourself, if for none other.

Technical stuff: 1st line, 3rd stanza. "use" might want to be looked at or read as "used."
"Boy's" doesn't need possessive case. "boys" would sound better. XD

'Twas interesting. ^_^

Frank :)

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