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He Ran By

by Richard Reed Jr
copyright 12-01-2008

Age Rating: 1 +

Like a tiny toy locomotive
Fallen from its track
And didn't know where to run
There was something
About this wacky worm
Who ran around
First this way then that
He piqued my curiosity

The house was inhabited
With them crawling everywhere
How was I to find him
My eyes scanned the floor
Like a prison tower spot-light
In a dusty corner of the room,
I found them, running to and fro

At first I noticed nothing
Peculiar in that motley group
Then I spied one weaving
Like a drunken sailor

I picked up the wriggling creature
Turned him on his back
Then quickly found his oddity
And wondered how he felt
A poor infected centipede
Down with athletes feet

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        01-04-2009     Wayne Thomas        

So you're a comic on top of everything else! With a centipede yet! Wild! I like everything about it, especially the chuckle at the end. Keep bringin' 'em on, bro!

        12-19-2008     Emily Garwood        

AH HA a hidden comedian inside richard!!!! very nice poem with description enough to leave me with uuuuh luvely centipedes crawling in my mind for the next few hours thank you very much i shall be reading this one too my son tomorrow he still doesn't understand poems but he likes me reading them and i can make actions to this one :P
Keep up the great writes!!!


        12-18-2008     synclaire232        

Ew, how can you turn a centipede like that?! With Athlete's foot too?! Gross, thank you. Thank you very much for the vivid and gross imagination that came across my mind. Anyway, back to your poem...It's pretty light humored and nicely...done. Uhm, I'm just not fond of centipedes. Otherwise, a nice write. Thank you for sharing.

        12-12-2008     Susan Brown        

Once I explained exactly what "Athletes foot" is to my grandson, he remarked...oh, I get it, its a poem with a funny ending. He was absorbed (big eyes) during the earlier lines. Centipedes wiggling there in the corner. Eke, I myself, gritting my teeth at the line where the person in the story actually picked one up and turned it over. Crawlers...the mere thought (picture) of "them". Sends squishing... shivers! Tiger Ray nodded his approval- 5, he pointed, five.

        12-10-2008     June Nazarian        

Athlete's foot x 100, that poor little fella. Ricky, such a cute poem with your wacky sense of humor coming through, the likes of which I am very familiar with! As always your poetry is superb. I'd love to see more of your funny bone in your poems.... Juney

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