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A Far away Place

by Arthur G. Finch (Age: 85)
copyright 12-02-2008

Age Rating: 13 +

My Beloved, come away with me and fly,
Where crystal cathedrals caress the sky.
Whose broad avenues, from the days of old,
Are constructed and paved with purest gold.

Where perfect giant pearls delineate,
Giving rich luster to the city gates.
A marvelous place, and so very nice.
We call it God’s wonderful Paradise!

The population consists of His Saints.
Their abiding places are very quaint,
Think old fashioned mansions, lofty and tall,
Every convenience, they have them all.

Pick peaks or Mediterranean view,
It is entirely left up to you.
Through the city a lovely river goes,
With its crystal clear healing water flows.

There Almighty God wipes away all tears,
In loving mercy removed our fears.
When we get there and join the saints above.
We’ll be surrounded by Eternal Love!

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        12-31-2008     Regina Garber        

Arthur - WOW! Beautifully written and describes a better place so brilliantly. I have a friend who recently lost their father and i am going to share this poem with him - to give him peace as I felt peaceful reading it.

        12-03-2008     Raja Sharma        

Where crystal cathedrals caress the sky.
What a beautiful line you have there! I was spellbound and I have no words to describe my feelings. The imagery is so emphatic that it, for a while, mesmerizes the senses.
A Master's art!
God bless you

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