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Life's Celebration

by Raja Sharma
copyright 12-23-2008

Age Rating: 10 +
Life's Celebration

Lonely pilgrim travels to reach nowhere
Here one he meets, one leaves; will all be there?

Pastor's saw to be revered, science sows doubt,
Why then there be row when life's dark as cloud?

Harsh one succeeds, wins, winks, and powers shine,
Will humble souls get the blessings divine?

He scorns at poet's meditations in poesy,
Tautology makes bland nature rosy.

Let his God remain a mystery deep,
No marvel in Tyger, and sheep is sheep!

He celebrates life's festival all days,
Pilgrim's heart leaps with joy in myriad ways.

Hedonist he is sure not, he implores,
Happy Sisyphus happily stone rolls.

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        12-26-2008     Walter Jones        

It is the writer that loves write, old kept a live with new, special, happy holiday, my friend.Walt

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