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The Refiner's Fire

by Wendi Benally (Age: 46)
copyright 01-04-2009

Age Rating: 13 +

He will leave
no stone unturned.
Though it hurts,
you won't be burned.
is what He makes.
Sometimes it comes
when your heart breaks.

When it's dark
and you feel alone,
He is there,
He'll guide you home.
He'll take your hand
and lead the way.
By your side
is where He'll stay.

So reach up toward the sky.
Reach up toward the light.
Jesus is standing by.
Grab a hold of His hand
and let Him help you stand.
Jesus is standing
right by your side.

As He molds
you in His image.
As He makes you
His perfect prize
He never says
it will be easy,
but He'll stay
right by your side.

Even though
the tears may fall.
Though your heart lies
in pieces on the floor.
Just look up my friend
the end is near,
and your savior
will wipe away your tears.

So reach up toward the sky.
Reach up toward the light.
Jesus is standing by.
Grab a hold of His hand
and let Him help you stand.
Jesus is standing
right by your side.

After all
the trials end
there will be no doubt
that He's your friend.
You'll know His power,
you'll know His love,
and you'll know how
to pick yourself up and begin again.

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        06-30-2010     Leigh Gilholm Fisher        

As the others have mentioned, the concept here is very interesting. It's rather rare to find a religious poem with such an interesting story told in it. Great work!

~Leigh of the Commenting Community

        04-25-2009     Richard Reed Jr        

I have read this many times before, but didn't know how to comment. This piece has caused me to ponder and face the beliefs inside myself.
I believe in a power higher than mmy own. I have surrendered to that power and have total faith in that power. And I feel it working good things inside me every day. I just don't know what to call it or how to define it.

God bless you,



        01-11-2009     Nancy Pawley        

Wendi, your poem touched a place in my heart, reminding me that even when I am alone, God abides in me; though the seas might be stormy and the mountains insurmountable, my faith is deepened and strengthened by each trial and tribulation that Jesus sees me and my family through.

        01-08-2009     Laura Nix        

I like your concept of the "refiner's fire" more than the very severe ones I used to hear. I am sure that we are never alone. When you know that, it's easier to learn life's lessons. I'm new to the site so was unsure about submiting my more religious poems. Thank You for such a wonderfull example.

        01-07-2009     Wendi Benally        

Thank you for commenting. I welcome comments, and I'm not the type of person to be easily offended. My faith is such a huge part of who I am that I expect it will be seen in a lot of my poetry. It just kind of happens that way. I don't expect everyone to agree or feel the same way I do. I just share what comes from my heart-
I hope that people will enjoy reading it even if they don't always agree. I appreciate feedback and constructive criticism, so I hope people will always feel free to comment.
Also, I enjoy hearing what other people have to say, such as Susan telling about the angels that follow her around. So again, I thank you!

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