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A Sailor Moon Guide to Till Our Lives Burn Out-Part 2

by Eric Gasparich
copyright 01-07-2009

Age Rating: 13 +

One day, before the Black Moons attacked, Chibiusa went into a corridor of the palace she’d never been in before. At the end, she saw a door, and when she went through it, she discovered it lead to the Time Gate. There she met Sailor Pluto, who was quite happy to see her, knelt before her, and called her “Small Lady.” Sailor Pluto is pretty much alone as well. She comforts Chibiusa in her loneliness, and tells her that one day, she will be a great, powerful and beautiful queen in her own right. The two develop a deep bond of friendship, and even come to feel they are all the other has. One of the things Wiseman uses to demoralize and corrupt Chibiusa is a moment where King Endymion came to visit with Pluto. Chibiusa saw it, and thought, “She smiled at him? She only ever smiled for me, I guess I’m not her special friend after all, etc…” It is here we first get a hint that Sailor Pluto may think very fondly of her King.

As the Black Moon Clan was nearing the completion of its plans for revenge, Chibiusa, fed up with being so powerless, went to the place where Neo-Queen Serenity kept the Silver Crystal of the 30th century. When she touched it, it disappeared. (She does not know this, but it became a part of her, since she is the hereditary heir of the kingdom and the crystal.) It was then the Black Moon Clan attacked, and because the Queen was without her Silver Crystal, the city was overwhelmed. Chibiusa was the only one left who could act. She went to Sailor Pluto, distracted her and stole one of her space time keys, so she could go to the past and get the Silver Crystal of that time, or, if that didn’t work, try to find the legendary and “unbeatable” Sailor Moon that her father, King Endymion, told her of so many times. That is why she was sure Sailor Pluto would punish her when she came back. This whole arc really revolves around Chibiusa running from what she did, trying to fix it, and ultimately causing the death of her only friend.

So, in this part of the story, we meet the amazing Sailor Pluto. Endymion tells the Senshi of the past that Sailor Pluto has existed through “all the eras” and that she is very wise. Her character is filled with tremendous storytelling possibilities: unrequited love, millennia of utter isolation, punctuated by brief times of sheer terror when an enemy would attempt to violate the Time Gate. What kind of woman is she? How strong is she? Did she start out that way, or did she learn her strength over time? How has she withstood all the normal human desires, all that time? It is in that moment when she is dying, and the spirit of Endymion is looking down at her with such pity in his eyes, that we see she may well have been in love with him, and performed her arduous, interminable duty because of that love.

This is where my prologue picks up. In the prologue, it is still the 30th Century, and now that Pluto is dead, the others must guard the Time Gate in her place.

Season Three: “Sailor Moon S”- Infinity Academy
Season three occurs in our time, after the events of season two. I use a blend of the Comic Book and the Animation so rather than tell you the storylines of both I will, again, hit the high points as it relates to my story. And I will tell you where the two story lines diverge. Where they do, the comic book (manga) takes precedent, but for the most part, the same things happen, though they may occur at different times or in different ways.

The story begins with a premonition of the end of the world, seen by Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) in a dream. She sees everything falling cataclysmically into ruin about her, and then turns to see a mysterious figure perched on a stone pillar, lit up by three lights. She begs the figure to stop this destruction, then the figure rises into the air, and cuts her down with a scythe-like weapon. The next day, we see all of the girls going about their business, but Rei continuing to ponder this terrible premonition.

We also begin to see glimpses of the new enemy. They are called the “Death Busters” (Funny, eh? Some of the animated series aesthetics are modeled on the two Ghostbusters movies, and the end of the anime plotline is similar to the second movie as well. I don’t think the “busters” part of the word quite translated into Japanese. If anything, the Sailor Senshi are the “Death Busters.”) They are lead by Dr. Soichi Tomoe, a geneticist who is possessed by an alien life form. His principle assistant is a witch / “magus” named Kaorinite / Kaolinite, a woman who leads a group known as The Witches 5. (Naoko Takeuchi, the series creator has a thing for naming her villains after minerals. BTW, Takeuchi’s university degree is in chemistry.) Their goal is to awaken the Messiah of Silence, who will have the power to open this world up for invasion by an alien entity from the Tau Nebula, called Pharaoh Ninety. (Note: these names may sound somewhat amusing to us, but to the Japanese, they sound very alien and exotic.) In order to do this, they must a) gather “pure hearts” from humans to fuel the awakening of the Messiah of Silence and b) find the three “talismans” that will summon her and lead them to the “Holy Grail / Purity Chalice”, a source of tremendous power that can be used for good or evil.

As the Inner Senshi are going about their lives, they run into two new people who have been hanging around their neighborhood lately. Usagi (and in the anime, Minako / Sailor Venus) meet a handsome, young man (so they think) named Haruka Tenoh. (The name Haruka is like the name Chris, which can be either a boy’s or girl’s name.) One of the more enjoyable anime eps. features their journey of discovery that Haruka Tenoh is actually a girl. They also meet Michiru Kaioh, Haruka’s close companion.

When the enemy begins attempting to take pure hearts, the Inner Senshi try to stop them, but sometimes find themselves overwhelmed, until they are rescued by two mysterious magical warriors. Eventually, they discover that the two of them are also Senshi, Sailors Uranus and Neptune, and later on they discover that Haruka and Michiru are their civilian personae. But these two are very hard-nosed and seem quite indifferent to the draconian lengths they are willing to go to in order to stop the enemy. Usagi / Sailor Moon repeatedly appeals to them to join forces with her so they can stop the enemy together. Uranus and Neptune refuse because they know Usagi lacks the toughness to do the terrible things they think they will have to do to stop the enemy.

“The world we wish for and world you wish for are different,” says Uranus.

Chibiusa, Usagi and Mamoru’s daughter from the future, is also present in this time for a while to “receive training.” In the comic, she returns at the end of the “R” story in the epilogue. In the animation, she returns about a third of the way in, and that, too, is a very funny episode. She bears a letter from her 30th century mom, Neo-Queen Serenity, who asks them to train her, now that she can transform into a Senshi. Also, Chibiusa seems happier in the past, and will learn how to make friends, something that is difficult for a cloistered princess in the 30th century. And we have her barely diminished Electra Complex to add more fun to the story.

Chibiusa goes about trying to make friends, succeeding brilliantly since she is very cute, smart and charismatic, and it is thus that we meet Hotaru Tomoe. For the sake of my story, I assume the parts of the anime version where the burgeoning friendship bewteen Chibiusa and Hotaru is fleshed out. In the anime, she meets Hotaru about halfway through the series, and the rest of the story involves the discovery that Hotaru is the focal point of the enemy’s plans. Hotaru is their Messiah of Silence, and she is the perfect choice for this because she, though she does not know this at the time, is also Sailor Saturn, the Senshi of Ruin / Death.

Hotaru is the daughter of Dr. Soichi Tomoe. When she was young, her father was merely a “controversial” pioneer in genetic engineering. At the age of four, a lab accident killed Hotaru’s mother and badly injured her. The accident seemed to have been caused by an experimental time distortion chamber that her father had built to conduct his radical experiments. In fact, in turns out the alien invader was drawn to the chamber and caused the accident. As her father is holding her shattered body, the alien offers to save Hotaru, if Dr. Tomoe will allow it to possess his body. Tomoe agreed (who can blame him really?) but as part of this devil’s bargain, the alien -who is a servant of Pharaoh Ninety, not the boss man himself – takes complete control of him, and henceforth, he is completely evil.

(Note: The anime handles this differently. Once the alien is driven from Tomoe, he recovers and survives. I go with the story in which he dies because a) it created silly, even embarrassing complications for the later series -essentially making Setsuna Meioh / Sailor Pluto into a kidnapper, and b) it seemed to me like the more logical conclusion of his devil’s bargain.)

Hotaru is then kept alive long enough for Tomoe to give her a cybernetic body, and also, to implant a special “daihmon” egg within her. From then on, she suffers from seizures and general ill-health. She is lonely and friendless because she occasionally has cataleptic episodes in which she attacks people, though she does not remember this afterwards. She also has a power to heal a person of minor injuries, which adds to her freakishness. She wears black body suits to cover up her cybernetic body, yet another thing that alienates her. Kaorinite becomes a lab assistant to her father, and her substitute mother in a “Mommy Dearest” kind of way. (In the anime, Kaorinite has the hots for Professor Tomoe, and Hotaru is a target of jealousy on her part.) Hotaru’s lot is a terrible one, yet she bears it with quiet, sometimes desperate dignity.

One day, Chibiusa meets Hotaru Tomoe, and the two become instant and fast friends. Most stunning to Hotaru is that Chibiusa, who whether she admits it or not, has her mother’s heart, accepts her instantly and openly. In manga, this happens early on, but in the anime, this relationship is fleshed out better. Element of that are included in my story.

As much as I am fascinated by the story and character of Sailor Pluto, it was Hotaru that made me fall in love with this series. Never was such a damsel in distress. Her quiet struggle against it all, and the way the Senshi befriend and help her is really well done. This season of this story is by far the best, and I am glad I gave it a chance long enough to reach this part of the story.

Speaking of Sailor Pluto, it is thus that she returns to the story, in the guise of Setsuna Meioh. In the “R” story, she died at the end. (This does not happen in the anime, which ended in a different way.) Now, she is born again in this time by power of Neo-Queen Serenity (as I mentioned in the prologue to my story. In the anime, she is simply “summoned” from the future, to fight the enemy of this time, and to watch after Small Lady / Chibiusa.) So, as I read it, this “now” is “after” the 30th Century for Setsuna, and this has huge implications in my story (for one thing, it means the future as the Senshi know it, will not be the same. In fact, it changed the moment Chibiusa came back in time, during the “R” arc. There is no way, given those events, that the future could ever go the same way again.) When Chibiusa finally sees that Sailor Pluto is back, she remarks, “This Pluto is different from the one before. Bigger, stronger.”

So then, the rest of the story is this:

The Senshi take on and defeat the Witches 5, one by one. In the process, they discover that Dr. Tomoe is also the founder and owner of Infinity Academy, an elite educational institution headquartered on a reclaimed section of Tokyo Bay. It is a fully self-contained educational institution – kindergarten through Postdoctoral, if you are good enough-with some of the most sophisticated research labs in the world. Tuition is free, to anyone qualified enough. The institution is a lure to attract the best and brightest, where eventually, they will become “hostes” for the numerous daihmons that will attend Pharaoh 90’s take over of earth. Haruka and Michiru are students at the school and they applied to it for the express purpose of spying on this suspicious place.

Haruka and Michiru locate Setsuna Meioh during an incident where one of the Witches 5 is selling a plant, called Tellun, that is beautiful, always blooms, and requires no care at all. People are buying them left and right. Setsuna gets one to study. As she is working in the lab –she attends KO University- the plant blossoms and begins draining her energy nearly killing her. As she is dying, she has a vision in which she sees Sailors Uranus and Neptune, and realizes she is Sailor Pluto. She awakens, destroys the plant, and joins Haruka and Michiru. The Outer Senshi are now assembled, and agree on their purpose: to defeat the enemy, and to find out who the Messiah of Silence is, so they can ‘seal her away’, that is, kill her.

The Inner Senshi become suspicious of Infinity Academy as well. As they are investigating they run into the Outer Senshi, and another “why can’t we work together” discussion ensues. The Outer Senshi reveal their intentions, and when the Inner Senshi realize that Chibiusa’s friend Hotaru is whom they suspect of being the Messiah of Silence, the enmity between them becomes palpable. At this moment, Kaorinite attacks, and playing on their present animosity, nearly succeeds in causing a knock-down drag-out between the Inners and Outers. However, the Outer Senshi are the bearers of those three talismans (In the anime, S. Uranus and Neptune do not know this and find out the hard way, by nearly dying.) Since the Talismans are present and all together, Usagi calls upon their power and that Holy Grail / Purity Chalice appears. She drinks pure light from it, and transforms into “Super Sailor Moon,” her “next level of power.” (Anime is full of this kind of stuff.) Then the brooches on all the Senshi uniforms change into heart shapes, and the uniforms become standardized in appearance. Meanwhile, during Usagi’s transformation to her next level of power, Hotaru screams in pain as something seems to tear through her head.

The Outer Senshi realize that they must tell Usagi the truth, because they work best together. They return to Haruka's apartment, and Michiru tells them of Sailor Saturn, the bringer of death and the end of the world. They tell the story of what they saw when the Silver Millennium Kingdom fell. They were at their posts, protecting the Solar System from outside invaders. Their powers were greater than those of the Inner Senshi for they had to defend remote, lonely places, by themselves (That is, they did not even have the comfort of each other during that time.) Theirs was a harsh, exacting duty, but each of them was “sustained” by the far away light of their Queen and Princess. When the earth attacked, each of them, from their own post, saw what was happening, but they could do nothing, for they were too far away. Now with the Princess dead and the Queen dying, all three of the Outer Senshi felt their Talismans “resonate” together, and they called forth Sailor Saturn to bring down her weapon and end the Silver Millennium. They could only watch as Saturn’s wave destroyed everything, and “their lives gave / burned out.” It is assumed that Saturn’s life gave out as well, and that she always dies along with everyone else when her work is done. So far as the Outer Senshi know, everytime Saturn appears it means the end of the world.

It is the gathering of the three talismans that summons Sailor Saturn, and the Outer Senshi, justly terrified at the thought Saturn might awaken, are determined that this must not happen. Michiru's mirror shows the face of Sailor Saturn, and Chibiusa gasps as she recognizes Hotaru. Coldly, Haruka announces that they intend to kill Hotaru, to seal away Sailor Saturn forever. Usagi cries out that they can't kill her; Michiru says that they must. Usagi insists there must be another way, and Michiru explains, “that is why we cannot work together.” The Outer Senshi disappear in a flash.

Chibiusa runs frantically to find Hotaru and when she does, Hotaru is no longer herself. The daihmon egg inside her has “hatched” and Mistress Nine, the highest servant of Pharaoh Ninety, has taken over. She tears Chibiusa's brooch from her chest. Chibiusa falls back unconscious. Hotaru / Mistress Nine stands up, cackling, her hair growing incredibly long around her. She cries triumphantly to Master Pharaoh 90 that she now has the Silver Crystal, and that she's finally awakened. Usagi calls frantically out to Chibiusa, but the little girl's body is cold. Chibiusa's heart has stopped; Haruka says that the enemy stole her soul, and that they must kill Hotaru now. She asks Usagi which she wants to save: Chibiusa and the rest of the world, or the small girl Hotaru?

Mamoru takes Chibiusa's body to his apartment, and uses his healing power to keep her alive. The Inner Senshi head out to attack Infinity Academy. Inside Mistress Nine, Hotaru is fighting back. She is determined not to let Mistress 9 use Chibiusa’s Silver Crystal. All the Senshi have assembled at Infinity Academy for the final showdown. During the battle, Mistress Nine succeeds in capturing the Inner Senshi. Sailor Moon is with the Outer Senshi. All around them, space begins to distort. Suddenly the main skyscraper of Infinity Academy rips apart. Mistress 9's enclosure soars into the air, along with four spheres, inside of which is the unconscious body of an Inner Senshi. Sailor Moon cries their names frantically, but she can't get near them. Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto sense an earthquake of enormous proportions approaching; they fly to the top of the three townhouse buildings that surround the academy campus, to create a force field, vowing to protect the planet.

Mistress 9 sneers at their efforts, for she has opened the dimensional door through which Pharaoh Ninety is now coming. However, inside her, Hotaru is beginning to win the battle for her body. Hotaru’s spirit emerges, destroying Mistress Nine. She returns the stolen souls of the Inner Senshi to their proper owners, and then she appears in Mamoru’s apartment, gives Chibiusa her Silver Crystal, and thanks her for her friendship. Then Hotaru smiles and fades away. Chibiusa and Mamoru transform and join Sailor Moon. The Outer Senshi are at the end of their strength, and their force field falls. Sailor Moon is the only one with anything left. She vows to give her life to prevent Pharaoh Ninety from entering our space. As she plunges toward the enemy, the Outer Senshis’ talismans glow more brightly than ever. There is an explosion of light; out of it comes a girl in a Senshi uniform with a tall scythe-like weapon and the sign of Saturn on her forehead. The other Senshi stare, wondering what happened to Sailor Moon, and fearing the end has come.

Sailor Saturn eyes the situation coldly and reflects that events have gone somewhat wrong. She stabs the blackness with her glaive, and it moans in pain. Sailor Saturn says dispassionately that this wasn't supposed to happen, that she should not have been summoned at this time, but now that she is awakened, she must bring down the Silence Glaive and end the world.

She raised her weapon and cries, "Death Rebirth Revolution!" Pharaoh Ninety rises into the sky, rushing to get back into his own dimension before Saturn’s wave can kill him. Saturn turns, and poises the glaive. Absolute silence descends as she swings the glaive down. An explosion tears through the city. The winds rage, the seas boil, and buildings crumble to dust. Saturn looks around her, and then at the retreating Pharaoh Ninety and says “Beautiful, this suffering in the moment of destruction.” (Note: this is the line that really made me want to write a story.) As their world crumbles, the Senshi fall to their knees in despair. Uranus, desolated, screams, “All I ever wanted …was to defend her (Sailor Moon, her Princess) with these two hands!” Then, a tiny glimmer of light rises from the place where the Infinity Academy skyscraper once stood. It glows brighter and larger, and the violence and destruction freeze in place. Inside the sphere of light, Usagi opens her eyes. Sailor Saturn smiles at her, saying, “Along with death comes rebirth. And that is your power, Sailor Moon.”

Saturn then tells Pluto to prepare to seal the enemy away, even though it means she will be sealed away with him. Sadly, Pluto raises her staff. The rift to space-time appears, and the monster is drawn in; with a faint smile, Sailor Saturn disappears into the doorway as it closes completely. Pluto, realizing that Saturn was never an ‘enemy,’ screams her name in anguish. Usagi appears in her princess gown, and raises her Moon Rod high. She glows with a healing light; all over the city, people awaken, and buildings are reconstituted. The battle is over.

In the midst of the ruins of Infinity Academy, Michiru hears a baby crying. She picks up a dark-haired baby girl. The sign of Saturn glows on her forehead; it's Hotaru, reborn. Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna promise to raise baby Hotaru themselves. Then the four of them disappear. The Inner Senshi follow their fading forms, knowing that someday they will meet again.

Note: The anime version of the final battle is quite different, but the main points, and the results, are the same. One important difference is that Sailor Pluto, who did not die in the animated version of the “R” series, does die in the animated version of the “S” series. In the “S” animated version, Viggo the Carpathian – erm, I mean Mistress Nine has surrounded the Manhattan Museum of Art – er, I mean Infinity Academy skyscraper with a force field that can be breached only by entering through a hole in the top. The Outer Senshi are headed to the scene in the Statue of Liberty – erm, I mean a helicopter, when the ‘daihmons’ that make up the force field attack their helicopter, causing it to explode. Pluto then stops time to prevent Uranus and Neptune from being killed, but the penalty is death, or at least something like it. She “goes away” for a while, imprisoned in a pocket of space-time. In effect, she is dead, but with the possibility of returning for future stories. I found that rather anti-climactic, despite the deeply touching scene where her fading spirit –the animators drew her beautifully there- comes to Chibiusa and tells her that she must go away for a while. Personally, I think this only makes her emergence in future series all the more problematic. So, I stick with the manga version for the most part.

Movie: The Lover of Snow Princess Kaguya

This is the one movie made from a story that was actually in the comic book series. The others were “milking the franchise” as far as I’m concerned. The one event in that story that bears directly on mine is as follows. The Senshi, in civilian personae, have assembled for a birthday party for two of their members. It is Christmas eve and they are all seated around tables at a coffee house. Usagi is with Mamoru. The rest are bemoaning their pathetic, lonely states. Usagi wonders why everyone is so melancholy.

"You wouldn’t understand how we feel, Usagi," says Chibiusa.

"Before Christmas, everyone wants to get close to someone," says Kino Makoto wistfully. "It’s hard to spend Christmas Eve alone."

"That's right," says Michiru, leaning dreamily on the shoulder of a surprised Haruka.

"One does not wish to be lonely," says Setsuna, summing up the consensus. To judge from her duty, she of all people knows this well.

If it weren't for this one near throwaway moment in the comic book stories, it might be much harder to make a case that Setsuna Meioh / Sailor Pluto ever contemplates openly her lot in life. But apparently she does.

Season Four: “Sailor Moon Super S” – Dream Arc

In the next series, of the manga I hasten to point out, the three outer senshi have purchased a secluded house. They have also lost their powers, and so they return to their civilian pursuits. Haruka and Michiru are globetrotting: Haruka racing in Europe and Africa, Michiru giving recitals all over the world. Setsuna is the stay-at-home mom during this time.

(Which is where the uncertainty about Setsuna’s earthly age comes in. She is a first or second year college student, but she is also a registered nurse who had to go to school for that, and may have taken a year off to take care of Hotaru. This is not to suggest that Haruka and Michiru aren’t doing their part. Each of them has very specific duties where Hotaru is concerned. Haruka looks after her physical education –IOW, plays with her a lot, Michiru takes care of her material and nutritional needs, and Setsuna sees to her daily education.)

Hotaru appears to somewhere between six and eight years old at this time, because she has grown far faster than normal. She is a prodigy who plays violin at the intermediate level, already understands general relativity and can memorize whole books of poetry. She is also a bit of a terror where the valuable possessions of the sophisticated Outer Senshi are concerned (she has a knack for accidentally destroying fine china. She is slowly working her way through an entire Wedgwood set.)

She is a terror in other ways as well. Occasionally, she goes into a trance, and gets a very cold look her eyes. She is able to make images appear in which she can see things like the Big Bang, and young stars and planets “trying to be born.” To the others, it looks almost as if she is judging which of them are going to “make it” and which of them aren’t, and then she ends the lives of those that aren’t. (This is all part of her powers as the Senshi of Ruin and Rebirth.) Michiru, who is the most frightened by it, refers to this as “Hotaru’s gardening.”

Eventually another enemy attacks. One night, “Guardian Saturn” (more about this later) comes to Hotaru, and awakens her as Sailor Saturn. Hotaru experiences another growth spurt putting her at around the age of twelve. She then reawakens the other Outer Senshi, in what are called their “Eternal Forms” with accompanying uniform changes. The rest of this manga version isn’t relevant to my story. It is at this point, I switch to the anime version of events.

“The Nehellenia Coda" (as I call it.)
During the Super S season (season four) we find out in the end that the villain is a very bitter, jealous queen named Nehellenia. (Hatred deriving from jealousy and / or loneliness is always a huge theme in Sailor Moon.) The animated Super S season deviated from the comic book quite a bit, and the continuities get a bit fuzzy. In order to return to the comic's original plot, the first part of the animated Sailor Stars season actually has a four episode truncation of the end of the Super S season. In it, an unknown person frees Nehellenia from a mirror in which she was sealed when she was defeated at the end of (animated) Season Four. The only important thing relevant to my story is that Hotaru "reawakens" the Outer Senshi who, in the Super S comic book had lost their powers, and she also awakens the "final form" of Sailor Moon, "Eternal Sailor Moon." (As I've said, anime is full of this kind of stuff.) That is the point at which the comic book and the animated series "reconnect" as it were.

Thus it seems that Hotaru / Sailor Saturn is a "key" to the Outer Senshi, sometimes slaying, sometimes quickening them. The reappearance of Nehellenia also forces the baby Hotaru to grow up at a much faster rate than normal. (This is very important later on.) Nehellenia is defeated by a combined effort of the Sailor Senshi, but this time she is rehabilitated by being sent back into the past to relive her life.

This brings us to the final season:

Season Five: “Sailor Stars”
I use the animated version of the story here. It is far more interesting than the comic book version (IMNHO, Takeuchi-sama was running out of ideas at this point.)

Usagi's boyfriend, Mamoru has been accepted into a masters program at Harvard in the United States. He will be gone for a year, possibly a year and a half. Usagi is very sad, but this has long been a dream of Mamoru's, and she is determined to "see him off with a smile." As they are at the airport, he gives her a "promise ring" and puts it on her ring finger, signifying that they are more or less engaged. He then leaves for America.

Usagi then meets Seiya, the brash, confident and very cool lead singer of a "super popular Idol Group" known as Three Lights. He is much more than he appears to be. (My Peter Kuryakin is a sort of Seiya for the Outer Senshi, though more mature, polished and elite, the better to fit in with them.) In fact, Seiya and the other two members of Three Lights, Taiki and Yaten, are Sailor Senshi from another solar system, and they are called The Sailor Starlights. (In the comic, they are girls who cross-dress as boys, to hide among earth's population. Naoko Takeuchi has stated that only women can be Sailor Senshi. The writers of the animated season changed this. While in their civilian guises, Seiya, Taiki and Yaten are boys, who transform into women before they can become the Sailor Starlights. Please, bear in mind, the Japanese artsy types are very weird people. No one can outweird them.)

The Sailor Starlights have come to earth in search of their Princess. Their world was attacked by an enemy called The Shadow Galactica, and destroyed. The Princess of that world escaped, and the Sailor Starlights, also escaped when they saw there was no hope of stopping the destruction of their world. They are hoping to find their princess on earth because it is one of the few remaining places in the entire galaxy The Shadow Galactica has not attacked.

However, earth has been targeted next, and the enemy's agents are already at work. They are called the Sailor Animamates, and they also are Sailor Senshi from other solar systems, who, willingly or by force, sided with The Shadow Galactica. Their purpose is to gather all the "true star seeds" for their master, Sailor Galaxia, the most powerful Senshi of all. (Note: everyone has a star seed, but only Sailor Senshi have the brightest star seeds or "true star seeds.")

As the enemy invades, we find that Seiya has fallen in love with Usagi, and a good deal of Sailor Stars is spent developing this, even as the enemy's closes in on earth. Usagi also wavers in her commitment to Mamoru because, for one thing, he is apparently too busy to even send her a letter now and then.

I describe the part played by the Outer Senshi in Sailor Stars as playing "the Jets" to the Three Lights "Sharks" (a la West Side Story). While Mamoru is away, they see it as their job to prevent Usagi from any dalliances with Seiya, in order to a) protect the future as they believe it should happen, and b) protect earth from the Sailor Starlights, who are "outsiders" with their own agenda. Usagi insists that they can "work together" but neither the Outers, nor Taiki and Yaten among the Sailor Starlights, believe that this is possible.

So then, in the final episodes the Sailor Starlights find their princess, who did indeed come to earth to warn us, and in the hope of finding someone who might withstand Galaxia. Shortly thereafter Sailor Galaxia comes to earth. She begins her takeover by killing The Starlights' princess, and telling the various Senshi not to oppose her as she is unstoppable. The Inner Senshi are the first of earth's protectors to be killed. They die after their "true star seeds" are taken. Sailor Moon, utterly distraught, then learns from Galaxia herself that Mamoru never made it to America. His "true star seed" was taken mid-flight and he has been dead all this time. That is why she never heard from him.

Now begins the heavy part where the Outer Senshi are concerned. They attack Galaxia with all their power, and, strong as they are, they are nothing before her. Sailor Saturn steps forward threatening to end it all, rather than let Galaxia win. Then they discover who freed Nehellenia to attack the "white moon people" and why. Sailor Galaxia freed her in order make sure Sailor Saturn would be awakened and "mature" when she attacked earth. Otherwise, Saturn's "true star seed" would be "premature" and she would not be able to take it from her. In the momentary lapse caused by this revelation, Galaxia attacks the all the Outer Senshi, and shatters Pluto's Garnet Rod and Saturn's Silence Glaive because Sailors Pluto and Saturn represent the only real threat to her. (Sailor Pluto might sacrifice herself to stop time again, and Sailor Saturn still has the power to bring an end to the Solar System and was about to do so.)

With their weapons broken, Sailor Uranus confesses that Galaxia does have the power to dominate the galaxy. Galaxia then offers them a deal: they can live, if they will surrender their star seeds, and work for her. Pluto swears that she would never work for "a devil such as you." Saturn concurs, but then Uranus says, "Becoming wild and working for you? That doesn't sound too bad." She looks at Sailor Neptune who seems to agree. Pluto and Saturn are stunned as Uranus and Neptune surrender their star seeds (a very painful process, btw) and then bracelets appear on each of their wrists signifying their submission to Galaxia and their authority to use her great power. Galaxia then commands her two newest soldiers to attack Pluto and Saturn ...

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        07-11-2009     Alexandra Spencer        

This is some what difficult to read because of its length, but apart from that this is really really good, nice paragraphs and a really good story line.

This would be better as chapter by chapter instead of it all being thrown in to two parts.

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