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You Snooze - You Lose

by Susan Brown (Age: 58)
copyright 02-22-2009

Age Rating: 4 +

Pristine the cliff side slide
Above this ledge the eagles glide
Down here along the silent stream
The fishing lures they shine, they gleam

Beside the shady stump we bide
Rock shelving hide
We seek
We spied

You and I, we vie
Glass eyed
You and I, we vie

Sage gulch staging pit
Cutthroats hotel, our netting knit
Murky doorways ooze
Slick & slimy moss, it moves, it grooves

Bugs dance
Lines cast
Fish scheme
We dream

You and I, we vie

Authors note: For my fishermen~ "Tiger Ray and Trevor Lee"

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        02-09-2013     Rachel Brown        

This poem is well written
and it rhyming is so well timed too.
I love it keep up the very Excellent work Susan .
Keep smiling and Keep Writing too^_^.
-Rachel ^_^

        05-22-2010     Frank Fields        

You are fortunate and gifted on so many levels, I am truly pleased. Pleased that you share these gifts with us. Home maker, mother, equestrian, writer, poet, and I'm sure a good many more. You add a value to the world that should be prized.

Frank :)

        04-03-2010     Mae Futter Stein        

Hi Susan,
I love this poem. One of the most beautiful poems I've ever read. You truly are a master of poetry. I give you my hi-vie! Also I am putting this one as one of my favorites.

        03-20-2009     Vanessa Anderson        

I love your imagery!! You use words to spin spells and paint the greatest pictures.... And then at the end your dedication! I picture two 10 year olds out fishing, looking like old salty cutthroats, stalking innocent, unsuspecting bass!! LOL!!
Thank you!

        02-28-2009     Walter Jones        

A gift so special, smiles for days long and alive, capture miles of images seeking rest.. Walt

        02-28-2009     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

What a great time to read this as we are spending the weekend at the lake house. Hope the fish are biting! This was really cute and I enjoyed it a lot! It has been a while, but I'm glad to read your work again! Anthony

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