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A Sailor Moon Guide to Till Our Lives Burn Out-Part 3 (conclusion)

by Eric Gasparich
copyright 02-25-2009

Age Rating: 13 +

... With their weapons broken, Sailor Uranus confesses that Galaxia does have the power to dominate the galaxy. Galaxia then offers them a deal: they can live, if they will surrender their star seeds, and work for her. Pluto swears that she would never work for "a devil such as you." Saturn concurs, but then Uranus says, "Becoming wild and working for you? That doesn't sound too bad." She looks at Sailor Neptune who seems to agree. Pluto and Saturn are stunned as Uranus and Neptune surrender their star seeds (a very painful process, btw) and then bracelets appear on each of their wrists signifying their submission to Galaxia and their authority to use her great power. Galaxia then commands her two newest soldiers to attack Pluto and Saturn.

"Why are you doing this?" screams Sailor Pluto.

"You know why," says Uranus. "This is how we fight."

Uranus and Neptune attack. Pluto and Saturn dodge their first assault.

"They're serious!" says Sailor Saturn.

"Yes, I feel it too," says Pluto.

"Very well," says Saturn. "We will not hold back, and fight till our lives burn out."

As Sailor Moon arrives on the scene again, she sees Pluto and Saturn disappearing in to nothingness, as their star seeds have been taken.

Galaxia then tells Uranus and Neptune to attack Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights.

"But do not kill them yet," she says, "First teach Sailor Moon how things really are."

Teamwork is one of the big themes in Sailor Moon. Long ago, Galaxia, the mightiest of all the Sailor Senshi, tried to defeat "Chaos" (more or less "the devil" in the Sailor Moon series) by herself. Determined to succeed at any cost, she sealed Chaos within herself, thinking that would be enough. But it wasn't. Chaos began to amplify its power and corrupt her from within. She still believes that "teamwork is an illusion" and that only brute force can bring peace to the galaxy: that belief is the “fulcrum” by which Chaos made her into a devil. Every time a Sailor Senshi betrayed their homeworld to work for her, she felt her belief was validated. She alone must rule the Galaxy and bring peace by force. Sailor Moon believes in freedom and teamwork. She must be taught a lesson. So, after Uranus and Neptune convincingly slap her around a bit, Galaxia orders them to take her star seed.

As they appear ready to do so, suddenly their eyes clear, and they turn and attack Galaxia instead, using her own bracelets to try and take Galaxia's star seed, thus killing her. They hit her with a full barrage, and Galaxia reels under the attack, but no star seed emerges. Galaxia does not have a star seed (the reason for this is complicated and not relevant to my story, so I have left it out. She does actually have one, but ... as I say, it's complicated and not relevant.) Uranus and Neptune now see the futility of their betrayal. Neptune falls to her knees, and Uranus shakes with rage, and then collapses in defeat. Galaxia retrieves her bracelets and, in a very touching scene, Uranus and Neptune die, but not before Uranus begs the Sailor Starlights to protect Sailor Moon.

The rest of the story follows the usual pattern. The Sailor Starlights give their "last shine" to protect Sailor Moon, and are beaten but not killed. Instead, they watch from the sidelines as it were. Sailor Moon defeats Galaxia not by fighting her, but by willing her redemption. Deep inside Sailor Galaxia is her 'true self" struggling to be liberated from Chaos. Sailor Moon appeals to that, and finally breaks through to her. Chaos is driven from Galaxia, and "returns to everyone's minds" according to Usagi / Sailor Moon. Usagi's "court" and "her prince" are restored to her, and Sailor Galaxia leaves earth to repair all the damage that Chaos within her had done. The Three Starlights and their princess return home, and all's right with the universe again.

This is where Till Our Lives Burn Out begins.

In Summary:
All of the Outer Senshi are very elite in their civilian incarnations, as opposed to the more earthy, workaday Inner Senshi. (In fact, the series’ creator has said they represent the elites of her country.) All of them have well-developed fighting and psychic abilities. They are mature, or at least, more adult. They are very charismatic in their different ways, and the Inner Senshi admired them a great deal. However, there is a conflict between them having to do with the way they fight. In a fight, the Outer Senshi are ruthless and Clauswitzean. They do not hesitate to sacrifice others, or if it comes to it, themselves, to win.

One other note:

“Guardian Saturn et. al.”

Each of the Outer Senshi has a spirit guardian, a sort of Platonic form of their own Senshi selves, and directly connected to their relative planets. These guardians seem to watch for the next incarnation that will be awakened as “Sailor Saturn,” etc. It is implied that the Inner Senshi have these guardians as well. When using their powers, they sometimes invoke their spirit guardian (Sailor Jupiter, especially.)

Again these are the things that are pertinent to my story. This is much I have left out.

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        07-11-2009     Alexandra Spencer        

I didn't realize that there was a third part to this story, so my apologies on that.

Really great, so many great Sailor Scouts and a great series. Each with his/her own unique ability to be friend or foe, to love or not, and to interact with each other in all these ways.

Keep up with the great work.

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