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Period Five

by June Nazarian
copyright 03-07-2009

Age Rating: 10 +

Good afternoon my dear fifth period freshman class
What are we doing today, Ms N?
Well, let’s begin your chosen projects
I hope you brought your materials

This had been my “class from hell”
Not interested in much
Nice kids, just wanted to play
Certainly no interest in science
I had a devil of a time motivating them
And they in turn baptized this fledgling by fire
Ah, the seventies
Peace, love, irresponsibility and
Let’s hide behind the hill and smoke a joint

Surprisingly they liked this new assignment
And I joyously welcomed the overdue interest
Many projects, fine results
One clever team assembled a terrarium
In time, pretty, delicate sprouts appeared
The plants flourished and soon became
The self-sustaining ecosystem decorating my classroom
I was proud


Mary Jane, Mary Jane, everyone knows
How beautifully your garden grows
Teacher, teacher, she’s blind, good grief
Does she not know a marijuana leaf
How long will it take for her to discover?
What fun this is, how dearly we love her
Get rid of the suckers before she finds out
Or we‘re in big trouble, there is no doubt
She did find out, trouble did follow
Her misplaced pride she had to swallow

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        05-01-2009     Jordan Screws        

Heh heh... reminds me of the days that I loathed in middle school and my freshman year of high school. My motivation was lacking back then, and it did not help that some of the teachers were so strict Hitler would have been proud. Coincidentally, 5th period was the time I was most prone to slacking off. We had seven periods of classes... you may operate under the same system. As a college student I set my schedule, a fact for which I am grateful.

This reminds me of a floriculture class I took my senior year of high school. By then I was much more motivated, more than some of my peers. I saw kids smoke cigarettes and do other things, but I had no inclination to tell because I saw no point in "ratting" them out. The last passage sparked that memory, one which makes me laugh. In that class, I was the trusted "teacher's pet" that everyone respected because of my tendency to look the other way when I had ample opportunities to rat them out for mischief: I was "cool" to them.

That aside, I like the botanical theme and the constant mention of growth, both of the plants and the students. Many people talk about education as a growth process and it "growing on students", but you are one of the few that meant it literally. It reminded me of my floriculture class in the sense that few people took it seriously and would rather smoke a joint behind the hill, at least one person doing so. It also reminded me of how I hated the class, then as I got into it began to tolerate rather than hate it. Thanks for bringing back amusing old memories.

        04-27-2009     Raja Sharma        

Your poem carried me back to the days which I would never like to forget.Those were the days! You have very nicely put it and the simplicity steals the show.
A very good write
God bless you

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