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Too Soon?

by D.j. Feutz (Age: 27)
copyright 04-22-2009

Age Rating: 13 +

Is it okay to feel this way
The new and exciting way that I do
Is it okay to feel this way
This wonderful way that I feel about you?
Should I be quiet and keep it to myself,
Because itís just too soon to be known,
Or should I say something revealing
And risk it all, or risk being alone?
I donít know how to say this
Without sounding a tad bit weird
But I sorta kinda miss you
Despite hesitations, I fear,
Due to the past that Iíve had
Past experiences and relationships
A past thatís not too good, may I add
So Iím kinda really nervous
About sharing this personal poem
About how youíll take my confessions
Once you get to read and truthfully know Ďem
I donít know how youíll take it all
When allís said and done in the end
Maybe youíll feel the same way that I do
Maybe, just maybe, weíll be more than just friends
I donít know why this feels so natural and easy
And yetís still so hard to say face to face
All I know is that when I try, my words get all tangled
And it feels like my heartís in an ongoing race
Thinking how youíll take it or respond once you know
I dread saying it aloud, heck, itís difficult to type it,
So instead of telling you exactly how I feel straight out
Maybe Iíll write a poem with just a little hint in it
Iíll pour over my words and construct them in such a way
That Iíll build upon this wonderful foundation of ďFriendĒ
And then Iíll reach for the stars like the ones in your eyes
When I tell you how I feel, all in all, and allís exposed in the end

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        04-04-2010     Emily Valle        

I really liked this.
You conveyed everything really well. The million-and-one questions that race through the mind. All the doubts, all the possibilities.
Talking yourself into and then contemplating every little thing that could go wrong.
It was funny, yet sweet and flowed nicely.
Good work! :-P

        05-10-2009     Alan Reed        

The anxiety you feel comes at you very directly. You use of lines and the words within them set the piece up to demonstrate the conundrum. It is an awkward yet special feeling - one that makes the stomach flutter as well as flouter. I can feel it. Piece of advice -- the poem is great. Do not think too much about where you want to go with this and how. If you want her - just decide - and the words will come naturally life like your verse. Go for it. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

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