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by Alan Reed (Age: 67)
copyright 05-15-2009

Age Rating: 18 +
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The flower children had it right
At Woodstock they positioned their
love for everyone and everything on the
highest rung. For them it was no showcase
but an expression of gifts- flowers,
love, peace and caring for one another.

Sure, loving onesí self is central
in surviving, in thriving
in that age, this age, in any age.

But self adoration arouses
a peerless variety of demise
at least in many eyes

Pity the few
at Woodstock II
that did showcase the I
and not the you or much of we
and little, if any of the they.

Where was the camaraderie
and where were their friends
did they not show up
or did the definition bend?

Maybe they walked out
when all the "I"s walked in.

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        04-29-2013     Mike Farr        

Hello Allen,

Nice piece my good man,
Brings back memories indeed,
The first Woodstock was three days of peace in a country torn apart by the Vietnam War,
And that is where I was when the bands were playing,
Iím not sure what the second one was about,
Was there some foundation for it???
Woodstock, There is only one, (1969), and it lives in the history books,

        06-15-2009     Cynthia Baello        

This brings back memories of Woodstock I and the repugnance for war, the giving of Peace a chance, and the the transition of Freedom's face in the global arena. Yes it was a lot different from the second, the esprit de corps absent, and the cause undefined, did "the definition bend?" Your poem says a lot of points we need to thnk about more closely.

        06-02-2009     Wayne Thomas        

So, were you at Woodstock? Either one or perhaps both? The piece fills me with memories of my "hippy" days, though I wasn't there either. I remember Jeff Airplane's "White Rabbit" as an unofficial anthem to us out in Colorado at that time. Some things, though, like the ride in a police car, I'd rather forget. Enjoyed your rewrite. Thanks.

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