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Vanguard Breeze

by Susan Brown (Age: 58)
copyright 05-26-2009

Age Rating: 10 +

In the baking sun it shouts
During our frigid winter it screams
These towering monster wind turbines potentially spring

Lupine still dots and darts,
in between
the propelling terrain

On our doorstep
ridge lines
go green

Isn't it continuously about the latest technological change?

Brush boxing canyons
this new fired up need

Vanguard breeze
Scatter the wild flowering seed
Untraveled this current far reaching theme

Sage grouse I hear,
do purple
not to lay down and agree

These large things...
They summer, they winter, they spring


~ California be kind to your friends ~

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        09-12-2009     Alan Reed        

Hell, I thought of wind turbines in my read so I reiterate my five. Self sustaining energy and clean energy and water producing, light producing systems are the only type that can save us. -Alan

        09-12-2009     Alan Reed        

Are we talking of wind turbines here or am I off?

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