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Shadows of Love

by Raja Sharma
copyright 06-11-2009

Age Rating: 7 +
Shadows of Love
Picture Credits: Collection

Dreams are on the wings that mock us,
And love a whisper among leaves;
Bliss of Shepard's love beyond us,
Truth is now like dry barley sheaves.

Hope like waning breaths leaving us,
Clutching at every spar we cry;
Echo our sighs come back to us,
Sad souls, damp spirits, and dry eye.

This poem is dedicated to the great master W.B.Yeats whose poems have always inspired me to unfathomable limits.

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        03-16-2010     Mae Futter Stein        

Hi Raja,
Loved this poem "Shadows of Love" that you wrote last year. So much thought and heart put into this poem, that I could feel the thoughts as I read. I liked the words, love a whisper among leaves and the last line, sad souls, damp spirits, and dry eye. The picture with it, said it all. Very nice indeed.....Mae

        01-27-2010     Arthur G. Finch        

Dear RAJA,

I was touch by the power you've packed in such a small package. High Explosives require only a small weight to do the job. you have done this and it reminds me of another poet with a name that rhymes with Yeats, and that is Keats. Keats corresponded with Percy Shelley, saying, "Load every rift with ore." You have done exactly that. You have packed every crevice with substance. Thank you,

        06-15-2009     Leah Gonzalez        

This work had such meaning for such a short poem. Great job, I loved it! The flow, rhythm, and rhyming was superb. And the emotion and description was stunning, also. Amazing job. Please write more :)


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