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Idiot - (Acrostic) I Don't Infer Often Times

by Alan Reed (Age: 67)
copyright 06-25-2009

Age Rating: 7 +

A rude idiot
thought he might
eat tobacco in church

part rogue
oddly gregarious,
ribald even silly,
slipped in overtly

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        03-17-2013     Rachel Brown        

This is a rather humorous piece
the very thought would apt one to wonder, why would any one guy do such a foolish thing and in church at that? If I were as foolish as this I would never be able to show my face anywhere near my neighborhood again.
This piece sure could make anyone feel a tidbit foolish just by reading it.

        07-03-2009     June Nazarian        

Alan - I really feel like a dummy, even with all
the hints and even the answer, I am puzzled. Isn't acrostic when the first letter of each line spells something? I wrote a set of poems, proverbs, where the first word of each line told the proverb as did the content of the entire poem. I had fun doing it. What am I not seeing here?? I see you are on line and chat is open. I should page you, not sure I know how. Anyway, I enjoyed it.....June

        06-30-2009     Alan Reed        

Well, you got it. Kinda. June was busy so I gave the answer away.

ARITHMETIC PROGRESSION - that is how we grow as writers - some in "geometric progression" - but not I.

        06-30-2009     Susan Brown        

Okay, I'll confess this much. Because this was short, I copied it and taped it to my frig. so I could piece it together "puzzle over it" in between my outdoor afternoon- breaks. What some people do for entertainment, no doubt! My daughter looked at this and there a message here, Mother? Ribald and ~ piebald ~ are similar to my minds way of thinking so that word keeps throwing me for a loop. Now I've noticed you've added "do we need a hint?" Acrostic being the first "usually" letter in a word. I think I cheated in my acrostic and used the entire word rather than the first letter. I'll go dig it up to see as it might still be in the workshop as nobody related to it...I being the exception. Such is the fun of these things. Alright, when I think I have your true meaning, I'll be back ~
Idiot friend S.B.
"if this is of the mathematical persuasion we might ask June for her take"

        06-29-2009     Alan Reed        

My first Acrostic. The answer is (my final answer) --- arithmetic progression. Is this sophomoric or commonplace? Someone please advise. -Alan

        06-27-2009     Alan Reed        

Need a hint?

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