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Of Stars and Angels

by Alan Reed (Age: 68)
copyright 07-04-2009

Age Rating: 13 +

In all hues they come
Pearl copper and peach red,
Persian berry and pine green

They come
only for us
Cast the sword toward the night skies

You cannot
but you will try to catch them

Cast the silver chain
Seize the harmony

In all shades they come
Blackish blue and silver indigo,
Bay front palm and violet

Created just for us
Cast your spirit to the Angel Anahel
and place pastel faces to the wind

You wish to catch them
But you cannot

Shed slippery shine
Know ne'er do they cry

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        03-09-2014     Alan Reed        

I have no idea how to add an image here.

        03-09-2014     Alan Reed        

Yes, Susan. I have made it a practice to keep the maidens at bay. If one does not, you can spend all kinds of cash only to get nowhere.

        03-08-2014     Mae Futter Stein        

The colors of hues bring glimmer of the night;
whereas a sword could not catch the heavens high.
Only but an angel with face towards the light
know not only love, but her grace passing by.

Very deep as you cast your spirit to the Angel Anahel.
Thank you for sharing this unique poem. Hugs...

        03-08-2014     Susan Brown        

You keep a following of captivated maidens in bay much like frank retains his fairy princess. Romanticism is alive and well. Is there a painting that accompanies this? Lovely.

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