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The Goodbye Kiss

by Emily Briceno
copyright 08-14-2009

Age Rating: 13 +

(based on a true story)

It was a Thursday night in mid August. The night sky was crystal clear and a lot of stars were out. After hanging out at my friend Marie's house with 4 other people for the afternoon and most of the evening, everyone started leaving. My friend Will and I were the last ones to leave.

It was a really fun night. I had forgot the last time I laughed that hard. Throughout the game we were playing, Will always sat next to me. And he was one of those types of guys that was a pretty big flirt in a playful but awkward way...It's just Will, you get used to it. So that whole time we were playing that game, he would sit very close to me, and rest his head on my shoulder. I'll admit, it gave me butterflies.

But it reminded me of the time we were on the plane to Disney World that spring break. The band always had a big trip every 4 years, and ours was this year. He sat next to me on the plane ride over there, and since we had to be at the school by 3:00 AM, we were all exhausted. We both began to fall asleep. My head begun to hang and apparently he saw that because I then felt my head being tilted back up but rested on his shoulder, and he put his head on mine. I had butterflies in my sleep.

The temptation to lift the arm rest up and snuggle against him was almost greater than the temptation to just hold his hand. But I stopped myself.

Anyway, after the get together at Marie's, he gave me a ride home. I was so tired from band camp that day and I began dozing off. My head began to hang again and when he came to a stop, he picked my head back up and put it against the head rest. I opened my deep brown eyes to look into his sky blue ones and he said, "Are you okay?"

I nodded and sat back up straight again, "Yeah, I'm fine."

The ride home was quiet, with just the sound of the wind as we drove through it and the radio as it was playing Explosions in the Sky. One of my favorite band's that doesn't use vocals. Just instrumental.

He pulled into my driveway and I unbuckled. When I turned back to face him he was already facing me. "Is this gonna be the last time I see you?" I asked trying not to let my voice shake.

His eyes fell a little but then shot back up to mine, "Yes..." He mumbled, "Until Homecoming!" He added quickly.

I gently chuckled then moved forward and put my arms around his neck, "I'm gonna miss you so much..." I said in his ear.

A car began to come down the street. Worry shot through my mind that it was my sister coming home from her friend's house. But I held on and didn't look up. I always hated it when cars would drive down that road when I was with someone. It made things worse now since we were in a convertible. Yes, a convert able. A red one too.

Will tightened his hold on me, "I'm gonna miss you so much too..." He sighed.

We broke off the hug but I didn't get out of the car. I looked down and said, "Before I go...I have a favor to ask..." I could feel him staring at me but I couldn't look into his beautiful eyes. "I don't know how to ask this..." I moved the hair out of my face and looked up to his slightly confused face. "I've always wanted one since freshman year...Do you know what it is?"

His face only slightly moved, but his eyes stayed on me, "I think so, but I'm not sure."

I looked down again, and then back up at him. We were staring at each other for I don't know how long, until I lifted my hand and touched my lips.

He just stared at me. The first thing that popped into my mind was that he couldn't believe that I wanted a kiss from him. Or that I wanted him to kiss me. We stared at each other again for I don't know how long until I realized that he wouldn't do it.

I choked back my sorrow and nodded, mumbling, "Okay..." And I turned to put my hand on the car door handle.

He grabbed my arm gently and I immediately stopped and turned back to him. He began slowly leaning in towards me and my heart began to beat faster and faster, and it seemed to get louder too. It wouldn't have been a surprise it he could hear it, as he was only an inch away from me.

And then his lips, the lips I've been wanting to kiss for two years, were pressed against mine.

It was gentle. The whole time I was thinking *Oh my gosh, I'm finally kissing him...* I didn't notice it when he put one hand on the back of my shoulder and the other cupped on the side of my neck, pulling me closer to him. I didn't know what to do with my hands, since they were just hanging off my body. So I held his arms in position.

There was no tongue entrance. It was just a regular kiss. But it was the most magical kiss I'd ever had. The butterflies were filling up my stomach and bouncing off the walls like crazy. And I'm pretty sure he could feel the warmth of my face as it turned red.

We slowly broke it off but still lingered an inch away. He closed the space between us and pressed his lips against mine again. All the butterflies and the redness tripled.

I don't know how long we were there. Was it only seconds, minutes, or hours? I have no idea. All I knew was that I was on a cloud with the boy I love and the butterflies were my new best friends.

When we finally broke it off, we lingered again, looked at each other and smiled.

"Thank you." I whispered.

He smiled wider, "Of course." He whispered back and leaned to the side and kissed my cheek. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he felt the warmth.

I turned to put my hand on the handle and opened the door when he grabbed my arm again. This time, we were both coming to each other. I fastened my arms around his neck, his around my lower back. There was still no tongue entrance, it was just the regular kiss.

When I finally had to go, I stepped out of the car and closed the door, smiling at him. "You be safe over there." I said, "I want to hear good things from you at college."

He smiled that smile that makes me melt. "I will be, Michelle. Don't worry." He had his wrist resting on the steering wheel, and still looked at me, "Remember that I love you, Michelle. Okay?" He said.

Those words made me forget how to breath. "Okay...And remember that I love you."

He gently smiled, "Always." And then he pulled out of my driveway and drove down the street.

I sighed and smiled. He had made my YEAR. Not my day, not my week, not my month. My YEAR. I wasn't sure what I was thinking during that moment. But I DID know what I would never EVER forget it.

Still thinking about that night gives me those mad butterflies to this day :")

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