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Kimberly my love was....

by Lonnie Kornoely (Age: 39)
copyright 08-17-2009

Age Rating: 18 +

Kimberly was the girl I met we fell in love and wow how we did connect. She had a son name Ralph whom I have known since he was six months. He was named after her dad whom I never go the chance to meet he died before my time with her. Kimberly and I had so many great times. We had become the best of friends and fell deep
in love. After a year together I knew she was the one. Sure we had hit some hard times who doesnít? But together we remained throughout it. I proposed to her at the place of our first date and on a year to that exact day. She and I grew so close we had sad times,
hard times, and times I wondered if we would make it through but together we stood as our love shined through. She had become my best friend and the one true person I could depend on, she was a great lover, and I would easily go as far as to say she was my soul
mate because I have never imagined my life with anyone other than her. She had my soul, and she had my heart. I think back as we would hold hands, hug and kiss. How in those intimate times our skin would touch and I would grab her hips. She was truly the special
one in my life, and we had a great family with her, me, and Ralph. We had set a date for November first we were going to join our love in a great marriage.
Sad to say on July 16th she was taken away form a gunshot to the head by what was supposed to be a friend. We let Ralphís biological father stay with us a bit trying to
good helping out someone keeping him off the streets in the end he took away everything from me. When he shot my baby in the head and then calmed she committed suicide that
night when I came home to find this out my heart died. I am so empty, and so depressed, I know that he did it. Itís just a matter of waiting for the DNA evidence. In the mean time he walks the street and now he wants to make threats to me. Well take me I am so lost and so dead inside I am six feet from the edge. I have lost my friend my girl my whole world. I canít sleep at night so I drink to keep the demands inside so I donít go out of my mind each day wondering why my Kimberly had to die at 30yrs old she had her whole life ahead she was going to be my wife and we were going to complete our lives.
I am so lost and so hollow inside I wonder if I am meant to die alone in this crappie hurtful life, will I ever get over this over barring pain from inside? The heart break hurts so much and how angry I get when I see him walking the streets that he is aloud to
walk free. He has killed my Kimberly and he has killed me inside maybe not physically and he has hurt his blood his own true son he has taken his mother away. What hurt more on her birthday I had to go make funeral arrangements. One shot one life took away so much
I donít know if I will overcome the pain and hurt and darkness I feel inside. I go to work and continue my crappie life and put on a fake smile and say hi to people. Iím so lost and so alone I lost Ralph to his God parents and I understand they can give him a better home. Iím such a mess these days as I go from one day to the next wondering whatís next and why I bother to try to continue the fight. I put of the fake face and go on like things are ok but all I feel is lots of pain and loss and despair knowing losing her so young wasnít fair.

R.I.P. My love you may be gone but you will never be forgotten!!
Kimberly Emery 7/24/78 - 7/16/09

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        09-24-2009     Cynthia Baello        

Written as frankly and honestly as a first person would relay a story in an evening before a fireplace, yet the cutting pain and gnawing loss are so eloquently relayed in this short piece that it leaves me with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes, it makes me one with the writer in his utter devastation. Truly one need not use flowery words in this, just the simple, natural way of saying --how my heart aches, how my life has been broken!

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