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No Rest in Sight

by Susan Brown (Age: 58)
copyright 09-04-2009

Age Rating: 16 +

"Thoughts on the human condition"

The reaping arrives
Deaths door opens and slams shut
Blink, heartache stays late

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        09-12-2009     Cynthia Baello        

This poem has so much truth in it.
Having just lost my brother and my Daddy recently, I am still numbed, not able to "blink" as "Death's door slams shut...and the heartache stays late."
Yes, heartache and regrets keep staying late.
Love heals, anger disturbs, but grief - consumes.

        09-11-2009     Mae Futter Stein        

Death is sad, but remember that one day you will meet with them on the other side. Memories of the past lingers on inside of us that are alive and me miss those times of laughter, fun and happiness we all had when young and happy together. Memories we will not lose. That is something treasured in our heart and minds as long as we live. Wonderful words in your poem.

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