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Find the Air Marshall

by Alan Reed (Age: 67)
copyright 09-09-2009

Age Rating: 10 +


It's not that difficult to do
Take a seat in the first class pew
Eyes on the attendants’ deck
If you’re concerned about who's saving your neck

He goes to the head as the captain comes out
He knows who is whom and all you're about
He glowers at nothing when given the chance
expect no more for he is poised to prance

He won’t be slender and he might appear meek
He won’t talk to you but will turn his cheek
He gossips with the stewards and that's about it 
His eyes will stray and he has little wit

Once in a while he’ll manage some smiles
Not at you and each five hundred miles
His physique is good, you see he works out
His shirt fits so tight his muscles might sprout

Watch him closely as he sits back down 
His belly is wide and generally round
A formidable figure to keep the peace
but when his shirt rises you notice his piece

It's ok man
we're all on your side.
Just hope you know that 
you really can't hide.

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        09-13-2009     Mae Futter Stein        

Nice poem, Alan. I enjoyed it very much. Reminds me of a pop-eye-sailor man. ha ha. Rough and tough with pop up muscles and all. It was alright in my book. Take care and God Bless...Mae

        09-12-2009     Cynthia Baello        

Lighthearted and thoroughly enjoyable, but behind the lines there is some truth and wisdom. I had the misfortune of flying on a plane where some male passengers got drunk from the free drinks offered on board, and an Air Marshall could have been very handy indeed, to stop the unruly behavior and the noise, and prevent the possibility of a disaster.

Lucky to get home,

        09-11-2009     Susan Brown        

Cross my fingers? Did they do away with the stiff drink(s)? If there's a Marshal on board and I'm flying the friendly skies. You can bet my lucky stars, I'd be trying to crawl into his lap. If it turns out the Marshal was a women, she'd just have to club & cuff me. Duck tape my mouth to keep me calm. I'm such a baby on the subject of air travel. Why I do all those nice airline people a favor and hug the open road. Enjoyed the poem from the seat of my land loving pants.
Blessings to all that continue to bite that bullet and move forward in 9-11 America today.

        09-10-2009     June Nazarian        

Alan, I often look around and wonder if there is an air marshall among us. He/she may be easier to spot now that I am armed, haha, with your hints. Your poem flows with great rhythm and rhyme, is light, and fun to read. June

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