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A Poem For My Friends

by Richard Reed Jr
copyright 09-11-2009

Age Rating: 4 +

If I am worth the friends I have
my riches know no bounds
though sparse
they dot the landscape
scarce they could not be

closing in around me
like clouds of soft fluffed cotton
they wipe up all the sunlight
and shower warmth on me

They form the rainbow of my world
their arching colored
stripes sparkling in my life

If I am worth the friends I have
I'll sing a song of gratitude
and sow their seeds into the wind
and glory in fine friendship
spreading far across the land

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        09-25-2009     Cynthia Baello        

This is so beautiful and shows the turht about real friendship, a treasure not measured by wealth, that which has value more than gold,
and finding it in life is indeed a blessing from heaven. You put it all together so naturally I loved reading it over and over again. Refreshing!

        09-13-2009     Raja Sharma        

hello brother,
The sincerity of tone and simplicity of style is that has highly impressed me, reminding me that good poetry is not only built with high metaphors, and experimenting with meters. You have presented the world that comforts both mind and soul, thus fulfilling the quench of a person who needs some kind of poetic balm.
Highly praiseworthy!!!
God bless you

        09-13-2009     Alan Reed        

What a humble write for such an accomplished poet, scholar and exemplary individual. I so admire you, your spouse - the love for each other that you have proved beyond doubt in front of this this public since I joined PnP - and, both your writing skills and your thought process are like precious and scarce stones.

You have to be extremely bright, smart, observant, well-read and - most of all - have been anointed with a coat of magic on both sides of that brain to put something like this together, I think.

Worthiness IS measured in and by quality and not quantity as far as friendships are concerned and you, I see, have been especially blessed.

"If I am worth the friends I have... " you truly are a rich man, Rich. And with Writer Juney by your side you have become that much more rich. Get it? You seem to grow together and put your true, honest thoughts on paper so effortlessly. May I be like you when I grow up? It would be an honor. If not, may I be one of your friends?

It would be awesome to form a part of that rainbow that you so cherish. And rainbows give life to more of the same.

A splendid portrayal of warmth. -Alan

        09-12-2009     Susan Brown        

I like the tone of this piece. Five star in principal and wide open for all friends to view near and satellite far. Earthly treasure is truly found in the relationships we form and build. Pleased to see you Richard in our P.n.P corner today.

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