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Mostly Ghostly the Prophecy

by Susan Brown (Age: 58)
copyright 09-13-2009

Age Rating: 7 +
Mostly Ghostly the Prophecy

dark and lingering

welt raising
the sound of dead cold white casket silence
breathes deep

...its Halloween
"Oiche Shamhna"

a siren steps out of the shadow of gloom
and speaks
my name is

I have the desire to lend a candle
to the darkest of pitch
peel the wolf from his matted fur

we didn't know enough to be afraid

stiletto shimmering
and wavering ghostly thin
she seriously mesmerizes
as she disturbs

All these black marketing lies
you foolish blokes
in turn
one by one, each

will follow you
into an earthly
worm riddled grave
much like me

dark and lingering
you too shall remain
addressing, upon Halloween

"Oiche Shamhna"
we didn't know enough to be afraid

dead cold white casket

I have the desire to lend a candle
to the darkest of pitch
peel the wolf from his matted fur

switchblade mean
my illuminating
blood curdling
incarcerated scream

tool scraping naught
and needy
with your hellish lifestyle
you too shall reap

her ramshackle coach pulled up our woody lane
moaning stone lonely wretchedly marked
her final question
is always the same,

where is your faith?
that's when we knew
we needed to be very, very, afraid

Authors note: prophecy flies
through all forms of cauldron
pure blarney
this "windee" stain

"Oiche Shamhna!"

~ Irish ~
uaigneach- spooky
duine- human being
Oiche Shamhna- Halloween
windee- window

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        10-28-2012     Frank Fields        

So, with the tickle in my mailbox, of course I had to see what you were trying to do to our heads, now. (Meant in the most complimentary way, that was. ^_^) And I come to find that the notes I made 3 years ago are still valid. For me, at any rate.

I can't know, of course what edits were made, but I sense that this work reads more smoothly than before and has acquired a subtle tone or message. It's still a very good piece, Susan, and has many layers.

Thanks for bringing it out to share. ^^

Frank :)

        10-31-2010     Deborah Thomas        

(shivers) Enjoyed much. Especially like the Irish lending itself to the mystery and spookiness of the piece.

        11-01-2009     Lonnie Kornoely        

Susan this is a well written with a hard subject a celtic Halloween it adds much more of a chalange. You did a great job it was fun yet spooky read.

        10-14-2009     Richard Reed Jr        

Celtic Halloween, spooky indeed. The night when the dead and the living crossed paths. Thee night when futures were told. The havest and the end of summer and the beginning of a cold, cold winter. This write carries the origins accross the years from the Celts to the Romans, and finally to the Catholic All Saints Day in very fine style aqnd tradition. Bravo


        10-05-2009     Frank Fields        

Susan ^^

For some of us, these kinds of visions and thoughts extend before and beyond All Hallows Eve. Excellent conjuring with a skillful touch of writer/artist.

This work may best be read in a room that's not so dark and perhaps with at least one other person nearby....


Frank :)

        09-25-2009     Alan Reed        

Not sure how I missed this Irish grime. Love you Susan for setting the tone for the upcoming party "witch" many of us enjoy for its pure fantasy and pleasure in masquerading and havin' a wonderful treats - where most will be goblin' and bobin' apples and drinking Irish soda/coffees. Beware the ghouls too. We might get them to Pog mo Thoin.

        09-24-2009     Jordan Screws        

An interesting poem on the upcoming season of Halloween. I have not seen a poem like this in some time... it seems to hearken back to the old-fashioned Halloween complete with witches, jack-o-lanterns and whatnot. As a college student, I eschew the mystical aspect in favor of the more modern version of costumes (Resident Evil being a particular favorite theme to dress like), but I kind of like the old version as well. My parents would probably be more familiar with your brand of Halloween, but I digress somewhat. Your poem captures the essence of the holiday as most people know it.

Before the advent of video games and other media, people dressed as pirates, cowboys, princes/princesses, etc. and looked at jack-o-lanterns and reveled in spooky tales. Costumes were a given, but the jack-o-lanterns and other regalia were indispensable. The spooky essence of Halloween is preserved here for all to see. My esteemed compatriot Raja beat me to critiquing the poetic essence, so instead of parroting him, I will second Mae's motion that you write a Halloween story of sorts. I would like to see that, and it would be just as good as this is.

        09-14-2009     Mae Futter Stein        

Nice poem Susan,
I'm not sure what type of poem it is, but I like the words as they fit the Halloween month for the season coming. You could write a story as I can tell it would be quite interesting. I am patiently awaiting for more, and more. Nice job.

        09-13-2009     Raja Sharma        

Hello Susan,
Rarely do one comes across , today, a poetic creation that teems with poetic elements, thus raising poetry higher than the content, and as a result carrying forward the banner of old poetry. I allude to the metaphorical and figurative use of language that I see in this poem.Highly praiseworthy!!!
I picked the lines which comfort with a certain sense of promise that convinces me that the poetic tradition of the past will never extinguish:
switchblade mean
my illuminating
blood curdling
incarcerated scream

Your diction is not only precise but almost indispensable.
Wonderful Write!!!
God bless you

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