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Goblins and Ghouls

by Alan Reed (Age: 67)
copyright 09-20-2009

Age Rating: 7 +
Goblins and Ghouls
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It happens each year the night ‘fore all saints
He who welcomes them almost always faints
Unkempt or undressed they always smell rank
All live on the South Hades River bank

Stunted and wretched they wander the streets
Hideous, ugly demanding your treats
The English are the most fondly quaint
Of these creatures and culprits of dubious paint

You must expect them to perform special tricks
The groups were formed of tight little cliques
After viewing an act on your request
Careful their high jinx and protect each guest

Respond with nothing you’ll see a true feat
Must give them something before they retreat
If this isn't done you better watch out
Best not touch them you’ll end up with gout

This night is so bizarre the dead live too
Their eyes aglaze and all covered with goo
Like grapes without skin and soft tissue bare
Glowing like zombies’ you’d better take care

Careful you act so to not raise their ire
You don't wish your house torched like a pyre
Know they are friends of the grim reaper
Entice the Mrs. they’re bound to keep her

Hope all is fun on this Halloween night
For goblins and ghouls care not of your plight
With such mischief in mind before they leave
You never know what they have up their sleeve

The morning after we see all caprice
Remnants of rascals but all is in peace
Streets sated with sweets and murky debris
Hope our brood behaved – we all shall see

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        02-02-2014     Mike Farr        

Hello Alan,
It’s always fun (Anytime of the year) to read about those little wax toting, egg pitching street terrors, demanding sweets for mercy. I have found that handing out only the best in chocolate bars usually gets me an acquittal in the courts of Goblins and Ghouls, although I have been seen breaking out the Shammy and streak-free Windex a few times, I guess it true, “what goes around comes around”.
A fun read Alan,

        02-09-2013     Rachel Brown        

This is quite a well written
tapestry Alan and I love it.
Well done and Keep up the Excellent work.
Keep Smiling and Keep Writing too ^_^.
*_^ ^_*

-Rachel *_*
Hope to see more poetry like that soon Alan. ^_* *_^

        11-02-2011     Susan Brown        

I love it!

        11-01-2009     Lonnie Kornoely        

Alan this was a fun read and a great flow of the spooky Halloween subject.I enjoyed reading it and your words put together a great photo in my mind. You are a great writer thank you and keep up the good work.

        10-30-2009     Frank Fields        

Light and lively, but also shows some wicked evilness which must be freed on Halloween. Give the ghouls and goblins their one night out, I would prefer than to have them constant companions. At least as far as I'm aware during the normal day and most nights. The question does arise of the paint and is it really? If not, then perhaps we should be more careful for whom (or what) we open our doors. A skillful weaving, this. Enjoyed it very much.

Frank :)

        09-27-2009     June Nazarian        

Alan - A very cute, funny, and timely poem. Halloween is such fun for the kids, because for once in the year they can be whatever they want to be. Hmm, not a bad idea. My problem is I buy too much candy on purpose so there will be lots left over for me. That is not a good idea! Anyway, your poem flows very well with wonderful images throughout. I laughed out loud at the idea of getting gout. BTW there is a typo in the line before that. I don't think you meant to say "you do had better watch out". Well, I'm off to put "buy pumpkin" on my had- better list. June

        09-24-2009     Mae Futter Stein        

Now that's an excellent poem. That kept my interest and rhymed so evenly. How were you able to re do your poem? I try to correct mine after submitting it, and it won't let me do it. Also I cannot put a picture on it. Is there some dark secret that I don't know about? Anyways bravo!
I really did like that poem of yours Is it alright if I copy it to show my friends?
Thanks, Mae

        09-22-2009     Alan Reed        

Please note the "touch up". Thank you for the suggestions. The character there is really a leprechaun gone buzzo for eating and hauling way too many Big Macs.

        09-22-2009     Susan Brown        

Mae might be right about the sounds of the lines? I can't make "heads" for certain, for I have my spooky tunes cranked way up high and the screams from that Goblins shrill whistle keeps drowning your little trick or treat story out. Goo? Ick, I could have done without the goo. Lots of liner and tons of dark shadow works best when designing the night in plum scary. I give you a five for "the creatures and culprits of dubious paint!" Yes, bring on the paint by all means and backpacking alley lurking strays...lets party by the buckets ~~~ worms ~~~ best for me! Trolling comes to mind when looking at this picture. Nice ears and great boots. Is he Irish? " ha!" Alan, for the fun.

        09-21-2009     Mae Futter Stein        

Your story poem is good, but I think there are too many syllable's per lines. It sort of off balances the poetry sound. When I work too hard on a poem, I do the same, and sometimes worse. My best poems come out, when I'm more relaxed. Good Halloween poem on Ghost and Ghouls. This is only my thoughts, others may think different. You are an excellent writer.....Mae

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