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Almost Was

by Frank Fields
copyright 10-16-2009

Age Rating: 7 +
Almost Was
Picture Credits: Artist, Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

I would have been a teacher
The schools said, "Where's your degree?"

I would have been an artist
The galleries said, "You cannot paint!"

I would have been a writer
The critics said, "You cannot write!"

I would have been a sailor
The captain said, "Sorry, got full crew!"

I would have been a lover
She said, "You cannot love!"

I would have been a father
The children ran away.

I would have been a soldier,
The Captain said, "You cannot fight!"

I would have been a monk
No monastery wanted me.

I would have been a farmer
The crops all died.

I would have been a rancher
The cattle all took sick.

And so it went
And still does go,

Every turn and every bend
Is only wish to tend.

But still I try and try
For to not, I'll surely die.

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        04-29-2013     Walter Jones        

Dust to silver tongue, always the magic lays in tribute to the magic offered, your gift is as special as your time. I fill in the spaces and smile at a wordsmith giving a bit of hope to the rest of us. Walt

        04-28-2013     Rachel Brown        

This is the saddest poem I've read in quite some time now, but its a good read for those who want concrete reason to keep trying something new every day.
I believe god put us all here for a reason and we will know our purpose in due time. Well done and very well written indeed keep up the excellent work Frank.

        02-08-2010     Frank Fields        

Once the work is done, and Pen approves, it goes back into its ink pot to take a look at what was wrought. Sometimes it is pleased, sometimes not. Still, it always looks to see how much of itself was given away, and was enough offered to be meaningful?

The undercurrents are always there. Sometimes clear, sometimes not. Pen is a devious one, sometimes, and delights in offering that which is almost seen, but ever hidden behind Sarah's veil.

Thank you all for stopping, visiting, sharing your time and thoughts, and finding enough to fill your cups somewhat.

My cup, thereby, is also filled.

Frank :)

        02-07-2010     Richard Reed Jr        

Someone once said the journey is more pleasurable than attaining the goal.
If the goal is obtained, then what?
One needs another, and another, ad infinitum.

This poem as all your poems are, well-written.
On the surface, it seems light but, I wonder
what undercurrents flow beneath.
A friend always,


        12-01-2009     Sam Ande        

This very lovely poem, it touches me inside and with its atempts at verious jobs and its refusal each time. I really enjoyed this poem and i can't wait to read more of your poetry.

        10-23-2009     Cynthia Baello        

I enjoyed reading this and I like the presentation, free and flowing, smooth and refreshingly frank (no pun intended). The absence of rhyme and meter is compensated by the meaty content of what you were trying to say.

There is much wisdom between the lines and the spirit of perseverance manages to show through despite the oppositions in life. They say the first step at failure is the refusal to try.
Beautiful poem.

        10-22-2009     Raja Sharma        

This is really a perfect example of poetic creativity.Subjects we all share but you often handle the subjects in such a way that only praise comes your way.
I would have been like you
But you said one is enough.

Wonderful brother, I really enjoyed the write. It is really very sweet, comforting, at the same time giving a little pain which is not hurting.
God bless you

        10-20-2009     June Nazarian        

Frank, I like this sad poem of woe. The voice of the poem is certainly a poor soul who loses at everything he tries, yet, he does not give up. There lies the positive message for everyone. I am reminded of the movie "Forrest Gump" where everything he tried, even with all his issues, worked out for him, an opposite scenario. But his "box of chocolates" applies in either case. Very nice and thought provoking....June

        10-19-2009     Mae Futter Stein        

I like this poem very much. The rhythm and thoughts written are great. I think you are very talented. You are so lucky to have been born with brains that desire to study hard and use your ability of what ever you want to do.
Not everyone has this. Good poem.

        10-17-2009     Alan Reed        

Nicely put and I am sure you are talking for someone else. I know that - because you are an accomplished writer and probably a jack of many trades. Life is tough and I can identify with the trials and tribulations of finding the right niche. It takes intestinal fortitude and study - sometimes luck. -Alan

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