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Mr. Winston

by Susan Brown (Age: 58)
copyright 10-26-2009
Contest Winner

Age Rating: 4 +

Hunter graying munch
Autumn scene, smooth as silk, dream
Flea bitten fuzzy

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Total Reads: 957

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        01-23-2013     Frank Fields        

Just in the neighborhood, so to speak, and I noticed this with the stars.. Congratulations, for that.

But, I also read over the comments. They seem to be totally irrelevant to this work. Winston Churchill?? How in the world did I come up with that? Even my previous comment sounds as if it were referring to something totally different.

Walt's does also seem out of place. Susan, I suspect this work was edited so many times that it might as well be a completely different work than the original. Perhaps not, but nothing else could account for such mis-aligned comments.

Oh well, we all must do what we think best. But this....I don't know. *shakes his head* Goes beyond editorial freedom and reponsibility, I think.

Frank :|

        01-20-2013     Autumn Bartsch        

Super great work. I love the almost...disjointed thoughts and even flow, urging me to the 'right' melody to read it. It reads so interestingly, I almost wish there was more to it; yet it's beauty in simplicity keeps thoughs thoughts from full fruition.


        11-02-2009     Walter Jones        

The mind wanders, a passage, time marches, as the gray of old, side of pride, somber, watch of season, and the beauty of age visited, and just the correct amount of memory, a grand old man and horse, one and the same...Walt

        11-01-2009     Frank Fields        

And just why wasn't this excellent piece entered into my contest? *toetap* Seriously, Pen is disappointed. :(

Regardless, this is a fine haiku, filled with the essence of Susan Brown and at the same time filled with the "essence' of what I think makes an outstanding work.

Your equestrian background is, of course, apparent which is fine. I just hope that it wasn't Mr Winston that was being attacked by those vampire fleas. LOL

Fine work, here, Susan!

Frank :)

        10-26-2009     Alan Reed        

The piece waxes eloquent in folding a shade of "soldier of fortune" cavalier into to a moment of endearment -- for a warrior grows older. A work of art more than respectable!!!. -Alan

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