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Love's Echo

by Cynthia Baello (Age: 67)
copyright 10-28-2009

Age Rating: 16 +

Your voice in echo haunting me
Whisper words that resonate,
They call in dreams persistently
And speak of Love that Truth negates.

Why were you gone before the morn?
You stole the sunshine from my days
Crushed my heart and left it worn
Now baleful tears torment my ways.

If Sleep would come without a dream
Oh such a comforting release!
The gentle Silence sings it seems
Of songs that drown your voice with ease.

Your echoed Love, please speak no more
Accord me rest and new tomorrows!
Mute that voice just like before
When my heart knew of no great sorrows.

August 3, 2009
Tarlac City

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        04-23-2010     Emily Valle        

I really liked this one! The rhyming in it was very well done. And although I would like to break down each piece that meant something to me, I don't think that I can. Each line had so much behind it, I just really appreciated it. Thanks so much for posting this great work!

        12-06-2009     Rodger Moyer        

Cynthia, I really love this poem. There are so many lines that I could single out, frankly it's all of them. Your poem has a beautiful flow and the message comes through. Thank you.

Regards, Rodger

        11-09-2009     Eric Siedzikowski        

Blew me head off completely and left me speachless.Sincerely,Eric

        11-05-2009     Susan Brown        

Hello Cynthia,
The scent of lingering perfume is flying far and wide, tonight. I appreciate the way you date and sign the bottom of your best work. Let us know "from where" it originates. I follow the emotion in your tone, more often than naught. In this piece, your voice takes on a ghostly quality. Similar to a whisper. Excellent!

        11-01-2009     Frank Fields        

So we enter each day and end each night, not knowing when our hearts will be filled or emptied. A writer's visions can bring those emotions into such clear focus, sometimes, that it's almost painful. For both the writer and the reader. In this work, it is painful.

Very good work. ^^

frank :)

        10-28-2009     Mae Futter Stein        

I forgot to tell you that Love's Echo is a wonderful title for your wonderful poem of love.
You are so clever...Mae

        10-28-2009     Mae Futter Stein        

good Morning, Cynthia....
I loved your poems on dreaming. Most of the time when I fall asleep, I don't dream. I'm just too tired, it seems. When I do dream, it sort of is a dream of things that happen later.
Anyways, Your poem was really very true to all. Sad thought that you wake up crying. I have done that before, also. Very nice poem...
God Bless, Mae

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