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To Be In June

by Eric Siedzikowski (Age: 50)
copyright 11-11-2009

Age Rating: 16 +
To Be In June

June will bring warmth of love to our
hearts and seethe the loss of this wintry now.
Passing hands of cruelest time will never bar
us as does the steel that touches my brow.

Within the cloak of destiny we shall
find ecstasy beyond any human design.
It will always shelter us with the thrill
of love flowing pure beneath its fabric of time.

Can memory's resonance whisper of hope
to become an escort through these moments
when longing for your arms to envelope
my frozen frame has my every thought spent?

I envision the curves of your supple body
waver with a beckoning to join with mine.
Such a vision gives rise,not of lust to be,
rather of loving one another so sublime.

Make storage of burning love in phrases such
as this that simply say I love you very much.

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