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by Arthur G. Finch (Age: 85)
copyright 11-17-2009

Age Rating: 10 +


I met William Hart, fifty-three years ago,
Two Methodist Preachers with hearts aglow.
We joined the kingdom of Lord Jesus Christ,
We were far from worthy, but CHRIST sufficed.

My wife, Margaret, met Nora, and then,
Marge from Florence and Nora from Cow Pen,
Developed friendship that has lasted for years.
Together our fam'lies shared joys and fears.

Times were hard, our salaries were low,
Would we have food for supper, we didn't know!,
We served the Lord and tried to do our best,
We worked His vineyard, let Him do the rest.

Life for us was far from a utopia,
Often our Lord sent a cornucopia.
In form of a rooster, or skinny hen,
Without it I fear what life would have been.

The recipient would call, "It's on the table ,
Get yourselves up here, if you are able."
The best friends would bring what ever they had,
We joined in fellowship, it was not bad!

Then our children came along with a bang,
Clotheslines hung , for diapers to hang.
Throwaway paper ones, couldn't afford.
But our kids in sun dried cloth, we adored.

As time passed our churches grew far apart,
We were not as close, the Finches and Hart's.
Of course, in time, made several reunions,
But not the same those distant communions.

Time passes with those we shared joys and fear,
We speak on the phone perhaps twice a year.
Our life is limited, both are in wheelchairs,
We remember friends if only in prayers.

I think of two preachers from long ago,
Who joined the kingdom with faces aglow.
We fought all His battles, completed the race,
Guess we won't see you till Heaven by grace.

Arthur G. Finch November 7, 2009

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        12-11-2009     June Nazarian        

Arthur, I really love your wonderful story. The true affection of good friends who have shared and enjoyed the simple, yet most important parts of living, is masterfully depicted here. June

        11-27-2009     Eric Siedzikowski        

Truly a prodigious write that sent me to the moments in your life and allowed me to sensate the travail,triumph and tribulations without
abandoning me within one verse,almost like you held my hand as you guided me through your life.
Needless to say that I find this poem to be the best on the main page and I will be drawn back to read your brilliant poetry.Take care.

        11-25-2009     Frank Fields        

Rather a full life, though, would you not agree? For two families to have filled their lives and the lives of their children, with the treasures that you knew, there is a kind of balance. Without wanting to sound cynical, I feel that this work is more directed at the good and joyous things which you all knew, rather than the sadness of passing, parting, and the afflictions of age.

I could be wrong. It has happened once or twice before. LOL But I really do feel your sharing of these life experiences with us was to tell more of its gladness and rewards than anything else.

Regardless, it was very good write. ^^

Frank :)

        11-20-2009     Raja Sharma        

Our life is limited, both are in wheelchairs,

Dear brother,
In spite of all the hardships, there is a distinct and highly dignified sense of optimism and pride in the tone of the persona. I know you are the person who would never feel dejected and gloomy, if it were not for the physical ailments.
You have said it so beautifully and simply that I could not help tears. Wonderful brother, it is wonderful.
God bless you

        11-19-2009     Mae Futter Stein        

That was a very nice piece of life history. I remember those days you described. It's like out with the old and in with the new. We never forget our old friends we have made and get together we enjoyed, but destiny changes and life goes on and we meet new friends along the way. We pick up on things we never forget, such as Godly values and sharing over coffee or tea. We may be getting older, but much wiser and have lots of dreams in our hearts to remember. Nice write.....Mae

        11-17-2009     Cynthia Baello        

This poem is so excellent, I am overwhelmed! Close to tears, I write this and in humility comment what this poem has brought to me this day, the birthday of my dearly departed brother, (mine was yesterday) and the memories it brings of true friends, family, and longings for some departed, some in far away lands. You captured what treasure on earth really is, the love and sincere care of people for one another, not because of what material things there are to share, but because of what they are inside. You managed to integrate these godly values in the
verses without a "preachy" tone, but laid them out as naturally as a story shared over a warm cup of coffee or tea and home baked cookies. "Time passes with those we shared joys and fears" - the essence of true friendship.

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