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Cooking for My Valentine

by Mae Futter Stein
copyright 01-29-2010

Age Rating: 4 +
Cooking for My Valentine

Page by page
Turn on the stove hot to cook
Carefully read the kitchen book

Set the stage
Sift one cup of wild flowers
With sweet honey sprinkled showers

Dew drop fondness for my love
Stir with paradise above

Yours and mine
A cup of orange wine, apricot
Selected special for the pot

So true
Cook it with loves burning heat
Tasteful kisses unique treat

Yes, you
All the above I combine
For my funny valentine

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        01-30-2010     Frank Fields        

But, for all its seeming lightness and touch of humor, there is an undercurrent throughout of a truly deep, deep love that is always there, a constant beyond Valentine's day. ^^

frank :)

        01-30-2010     Susan Brown        

This is marketable V-day card quality cute, and should be in print. The orange "apricot images" Hallmarked this personal and extra special. Cooking set the mood, nicely. Comfy- the table setting we join when reading your verse. Light and humorous.

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