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Bargain Shopping

by Mae Futter Stein
copyright 01-31-2010

Age Rating: 4 +
Bargain Shopping

Special sales rush out to buy
Money makers that stores rely

Rush and wait for the open door
For the best deals on the floor

Hustling buys with cost for less
In store specials crowded mess

Crowds outraged, not well behaved
Buying bargains for dollars’ saved

One more left, grab and kick
Heading home tired and sick

Sneezing germs and coughs all through
Saving tops, a buck or two
Next day awake with the flu

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        02-01-2010     June Nazarian        

Hi Mae - very cute, achoo. I am afraid bargain hunting is in my blood, must be a gene for it. I have many things purchased only because they were on sale. But I figure the fun of the hunt makes it all worthwhile, and then, a few years later, Good Will can benefit from some brand new, unused items, lol. Always enjoy light-hearted poems and your are wonderful.. June

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