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"A" Is For

by June Nazarian
copyright 05-27-2010

Age Rating: 10 +

alpha on
a string of pearls
given to me in love,
wrapped with golden vines,
the storybook letter A

I own no A name
so like Hawthornes Hester
with her scarlet one
a variety of nouns
or adjectives
could well apply

the gifters intent quite simply
but my thoughts ajar
conjure more
artistic, altruistic,
ambitious, ambivalent...
and sometimes
a donkeys equivalent

amazing article
this A
it can elicit introspection
or inspire a mood
cause me to cop an attitude
but most of all
in opulent singularity
it spells
that I am someones

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        02-17-2013     Shannon Jaime        

Wonderful tongue-in-cheek humor here. The love of language shines through, and the wordplay is acrobatic and clever. I like how each word and line becomes a starting point for a new thought, ad infinitum. I really laughed out loud at "and sometimes / a donkey's equivalent." Priceless! Thanks for a great read.

        06-01-2012     Tammy Frascona        

Very clever piece, each stanza talking about something else, almost like a thought process getting to the final point of someones angel is loved.
I wonder how this one got started...very interesting.

        03-18-2011     Frank Fields        

A bit late, but always a pleasure to comment again on any of your works. This one must have been edited, for it to have popped up in my emails. Regardless, this new reading seems much more intense, not quite as light as the first upon which I commented, and altogether another treasured vision of your (the two of you) love and courage.

Frank :)

        01-19-2011     Alan Reed        

As I thought before. This is a lovely piece. As most of us know, you are an angel to all of us and a Special Angel to he who is so dear. Surely, you have committed the opposite of as you place this symbol of love around your neck to shine and give heat to your chest, heart. Whoever thought you might be akin to the donkey. I think not. Maybe Anajel; the Angel that (is) so kind and benevolent to those who merit them. Altruism best describes the giving nature of the writer, June. You are the alpha on many strings of pearls. Hester - ha! You are so much "bester". The piece flows as does the theme. Alan

        11-12-2010     Alan Reed        

A meaningful and wonderful scarlet letter to wear close to the heart. Did that person who considers you an Angel acquire the gift in Anoushus, New York? I am unsure or dumb when it comes to proper names that pronounce like the name of bread dip in the Middle East. The write flows, smacks of introspection that you fail to make light of. Nice try. Love you - Alan

        07-08-2010     Susan Brown        

This inclined me to write J. is for June and July. I truly enjoy reading what you pen. Many thanks for the laid back, fresh and easy "inspirational" tone you leave on the page. Your voice always puts a smile on my face.

        05-29-2010     Mae Futter Stein        

Hi June,

How have you been? Pearls were my favorite string of beads for many years. Especially since I found a few in oysters and had them polished up and put into a broach. Not enough for a necklace. I enjoyed your write circulating around the pearls and the storybook letter "A".
Friends, Mae

        05-29-2010     Frank Fields        

Hi June ^^

Somewhat casual, but not. Very much not not, I think. Like being taken down some dream corridors of allusion that disappear as quickly as they are visioned, until the reverie ends and full homage paid to a special A.

Both of you.

Frank :)

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