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If Only The Atlantic

by Leigh Gilholm Fisher
copyright 06-26-2010

Age Rating: 10 +

If only I could reach you, I'd embrace you with all my strength.

We're divided farther than the eye can see. Even if you stretch out your hand, you can't reach her. But I disappear into the Atlantic when you gaze so far beyond me, looking for a lover's embrace.

If only you were mine...


Author's Note!

There is a reason why this is so pathetically short. The challenge was to write a story of approximately fifty-words. More than fifty, but no more than fifty-five.

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        07-18-2010     Alma Hulbert        

Though things are short, that can have a strong impact. I felt this way when my friend went to visit her family in Germany for a year. It was hell. But she was a friend and not 'a lover' ^.^ This may be true and affective to many other people that will read it in the future. Talk to you later. ^.^
~Alma H.

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