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In the Desert of Eternity

by Amanda Zurenda (Age: 25)
copyright 07-26-2010

Age Rating: 13 +

You stand in the desert of eternity, searching endlessly and lost.
This waiting could kill you, but you care not about the cost.

Day after day, the sand wears you down, wasting away you are.
I hate to watch you change, this waiting has gone too far.

Corroded by the sands of time, a piece of you has died.
And this pain that consumes you has killed part of me in stride.

In this mess of sand and time, there's something you have missed.
All this time, I've had your back, my love for you is endless.

Endless like this hellish desert which we've put ourselves in.
Wasting away, we become victims of time and its winds.

I know not if she searches too, but one thing is true.
If she turns out to be lost forever, just turn around, I'm here for you.

Just like I always have been, in this ocean of sand.
We can end this, make it through, you need only to take my hand.

If only you knew the only reason I've survived, maybe you would see.
I'm screaming your name, love, I'm begging for you to find me.

I will always be behind you, waiting for you to find me.
I'm making it so easy, but it's clouded by your persisting.

In this desert, I don't know how things will end.
We are trapped in the same misery, yet my motives you don't comprehend.

Time, cursed time, only it will tell.
We will always wait, until each of us is felled.

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        01-28-2011     Mylinda Rives        

"In Desert Of Eternity" made me think of the sands of time in a hourglass that continuually spills throughout eternity. Your unrequited love does the poem justice when you explain it in poetic words. I like your poem, well done.

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