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Scream For A Release

by Elijah Sowder (Age: 28)
copyright 11-12-2010

Age Rating: 10 +

Take a deep breath and prepare your mind,
A dark and scary place inside you try to find.

Found it then release all your fear and hate,
Exhaled in a scream from a dark mental state.

Feelings flow, whether of love or antipathy,
Thrown out for everyone to hear your calamities,

Or fleeting moments of happiness you taste,
All share the experiences you have faced.

Empathised with every thought you've cried out,
All you want is your pain heard in your shouts.

~Small side note, "empathised" is NOT misspelled. I write everything the British way, so you may notice those slight spelling changes throughout my writings.~

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        02-19-2011     Mae Futter Stein        

Hi Elijah,
I read your beautiful poem. It was so well put together and brings out the way you have with words. I enjoyed reading it very much. You rhyme everything so nicely. I enjoyed the style you patterned your verses and the words of intelligent thoughts.

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