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Even if I try

by Lauren Turner
copyright 11-23-2010

Age Rating: 10 +

I feel like it's wrong
That I'm just not right
A thought that keeps me
Up and awake and night
I don't feel fit
For this day and age
Is childhood freedom?
Or is it my cage?
Was I supposed to be older?
I can't help but think
I know I'm a child,
but I'm on the brink
"Enjoy youth!"
The elderly say
But it's just not right
And it's not the same.
I am behind
Because my body is small
I watch people leave
And I'm behind a wall
Dividing me from adulthood,
forcing me into goodbye,
I can't change my age

Even if I try

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        10-13-2013     betterthingstocome        

I really liked this poem.
I know this writing was about becoming an adult.
However one could relate this to the workforce environment as well. We come in not knowing to much as we learn we wish to move on. People come and go some move up and some just linger.
Very well written. Thank you for sharing.

        04-25-2011     Mylinda Rives        

Even If I Try.
A very insightful poem.
Trying to grow up is a big deal, especially for teens. The love-hate relationship of age is part of growing older. Enjoy your youth.

        04-21-2011     Anthony Lane Stahlhut        

The lines seem drawn for us by those who know, but then we all are different so how could they know! Life is lived by each one of us in their own way. You must make decisions based on what you feel about things. You should seek advice, but still make your own decisions! This poem is a little choppy at times, but I think it adds to the feelings that seem to be portrayed here! A feeling a lot of us can understand in one way or another! Good subject and good job in the telling! Anthony

        04-08-2011     Rebecca Morgan        

That was a beautiful poem but kinda sad. I know how you feel I wish I was a kid again to, all i heard from people growing was enjoy being young while you can.

        03-01-2011     Wayne Thomas        

A good personal probe. No wasted words, just a rather melancholy realization of who we are when youth is drawing to a close and all too soon we find ourselves being one of those very adults we once criticized for not understanding us. And it's true. There's always some new things for each generation. True of my generation back in the sixties, true of yours today. And the frustration of always being compared with somebody else. Bite the bullet, love, tomorrow is coming!

        01-31-2011     synclaire232        

Good work, it's something that we all feel for sure when we were all younger.

Even with my age, my sisters asks me to hurry and grow up! Which is the exact opposite of the other adults say to me (my parents believe my sisters are right). But hey, I look young for my age, so I act like it to my advantage.

But being young doesn't mean it's better than anything else. There are a lot of things that are hard for younger ages. Peer Pressure, all that raging hormones, if you know what I mean. Oh my gosh don't even mention highschool.

But when we grow older, and we carry more responsibilities, it's a wonder how many people can withstand all the annoyances of everyday life. We keep moving on. Well, time is a solid wall, it moves inch by inch. Although, if you're having fun, it moves like the wind.

Good job! ^_^

        12-01-2010     Mae Futter Stein        

Hi Lauren,
Your poem is really cute. I read it through and it makes a lot of sense. I remember that I was like that, in a hurry to grow up older. Now I wish I had more of my youth back. I liked the ending, and how you ended with "I can't change my age. Really cute. Loved it, Mae

        11-24-2010     Cassie Sweeney        

Thanks for having me read this =) It's really great and different for a topic. The flow was amazing and you portrayed the message quite well. All I can say is you're still young, just don't stress or try to change. Be who you are and have fun! Plan for the future but think in the now. =) I'm going through a lot of changes with moving for college and growing up and it's tough but you just have to embrace your personality, and even if you aren't sure who you are yet, you just have to remember that it's just part of your personality! you're simply confused but I promise if you just try to have fun and live it up you won't regret anything =). Great job there's nothing I would change. Sorry, I tend to go overboard on responses sometimes =p.
Cassi JG =)
P.s. Remember, you dictate the outcome of your life. Make your own good days and be your own hero. The future is what you make it. =)

        11-24-2010     Elijah Sowder        

i understand the feelings thats conveyed here, that when everyone around you is getting taller and looking older how you get left behind if you cant keep up. very good writing though, something that a lot of young people can relate to.

        11-24-2010     Frank Fields        

Lauren ^^

There are many young people, I think, who are ready to leave the confines of youth, but are disallowed that, generally, by the social and cultural dictates to which they're bound. This work describes that frustration very well. It's temporary, though, and eventually balances--as it should. ^_~

Frank :)

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