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Family Feud

by Mylinda Rives
copyright 12-30-2010

Age Rating: 13 +

Horizon bends long with stretched out
catnapped branches arched over me.
Bone forwards a grin's broad jump
across bulldog's face
till stomach pumping barf throws up aack! Arf!
when I heard "hey mac" where do you want this
between drag of cigarette.
Dog is being petted, so excited he wetted
and slip sliding tongue unleash yelps
giving license to run, run, and run.

And it is good that you call today, sisters,
cutting visit short when we are not at home within a house,
bickering as van lines come.

We all got together making a road by walking,
curbing violence by talking
and lugging trash belonging to the curb,
a mirror with old looks handed down to me,
an old ticker clock needing rewind,
having time out at home within a house.

They just started wrapping things up,
red face bloodied by me
and closed eye crying quit it to ye.
Fistful of blood reflects smashing good looks
when eyes mirror mine.

Sisters screen my friends and I got slammed
breaking glass in pain,
forever emptying door of forgiveness.
I wasn't exactly looking for trouble, but brother,
I swing the greatest hits till I pass out.
They wake me to skeeters smelling well hung water going sideways,
streaming across my face wrinkled
from much needed sleep.

Welcome is worn out,
so I go where the fruit are just getting the hang of things,
bushel filling conspicuously deliciously red.
The nibby are surprised at the orchard nursery I run
because I was raised in a state of panic, USA
and anyone could push my button in elevated living
where the closest penthouse is stacked toilet magazine.
Now I'm satisfied living the high life in
"Southern Living".


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