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Spring Has Sprung

by Mae Futter Stein
copyright 03-17-2011

Age Rating: 1 +
Spring Has Sprung
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(A Limerick)

A touch of springtime brings the warm soft wind
To cheer our bleak hearts to love once again
The bee’s buzz while cricket’s sing
Near a babbling water spring
Knowing spring had sprung lover’s hearts within

Shooting flowers cover last winter’s bed
Springing colored love buds green, white and red
Polished hearts to a bright sheen,
Presents love at seventeen
Spring has sprung a bit of love just ahead

Syllables 10-10-7-7-10
Using a (spring) of water,
Springing of flower buds,
In the springtime

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        03-30-2011     Susan Brown        

Thanks for the the inspiration. I plan to burn the midnight oil to attempt to produce a limerick for you to critique this week. Nice to see/read you. And your little dog too!

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