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Love Poems

by Wayne Thomas (Age: 67)
copyright 11-15-2011

Age Rating: 13 +

Love poems scrawled
On age-crackled parchments
Lie buried
Entombed by the billions
In attic boxes
Cedar chests
Dusky corners
In cluttered drawers
Of polished oak
Antique desks
Forgotten tablets
Moldy scrapbooks
Filled with mummified
Or merely tucked away
In fading memories
Of long ago

Every day
Their graveyard fills
And fills again
With watermarked
Wrapped in ribbon
And set aside
Still astride
The faint perfume
Of a once new sachet 
Amid the stagnant fumes
Of abandoned houses
And unused rooms

Some stranger
In a distant time
His mind untouched
Tosses them
One at a time
Into the fireplace
Leaving just
The fading scent

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        03-22-2013     Rachel Brown        

This poem I can almost certainly relate to this t flowing tapestry finely woven. Its hard to explain things like this away with just mere words alone.
But the emotion conveyed through this poem is more of the feelings of loss or desolate sorrow.
Very well written indeed

        11-19-2011     Susan Brown        

Hi Wayne,
At the beginning of this poem I felt like an intruder. Climbing the creaky stairs to reach the wooden porch, spurs scrapping across a strangers weathered planks. Their cat purring against my leg, as I pressed my nose to the glass to peer in to check for any signs of life. Abandoned houses with empty rooms pulled me completely inside for a more personal look, and left me lingering by the fires side. I only wish this was longer.

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