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by Jacqueline Ives (Age: 79)
copyright 01-04-2012

Age Rating: 7 +



Millie’s on the war-path;

Millie’s on the prowl;

she twitches but a whisker;

she utters not a growl.


Robin’s in the tree-top,

ready poised for flight;

Wren is in the bushes,

Keeping out of sight.


Millie’s sleek and tabby

with fur as soft as silk;

green eyes so mild and limpid

when asking for her milk.


Millie’s on the war-path.

Those eyes so round and green

-         how fierce!  How terrifying

by tiny creature seen!


She twitches but a whisker;

she barely moves the grass;

but many sense her creeping,

and hide to let her pass.


Millie’s like the roses.

So beautiful is she,

and yet as sharp as briars

those claws of hers can be.


Millie’s on the war-path.

Mouse, he has not seen

how soft she steals upon him

with eyes so bright and green.


Millie’s creeping closer;

Robin safely sings;

but Mouse, he has not seen her

-         and Mouse, he has no wings.


Mouse, he has not seen her;

Mouse, he has no wings;

she crouches lower, lower

-         and suddenly she springs.




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        10-22-2013     Regina Lehman        

Very cute poem about your kitty. We have Tiger he is 11 years old now he was a homeless kitten my sister found him under a car in the Winter time 11 years ago and he has been spoiled ever since.Cats just love people unconditionally. Tiger is always in looking for mice too,but he never finds any.

        02-15-2012     Frank Fields        

A wonderful piece! (In spite of the titles which may just be your preference. Which is fine, actually. (lol) Made me see my own cats on the hunt and more, made me feel like I was the fearless hunter stalking my prey. Any work that can do that certainly deserves the best from me. ^^

Frank :)

        02-08-2012     Raja Sharma        

If I were a child, I would jump with delight,but it does not mean that it did not delight me and please the senses.

The diction is not only appropriate but also highly emphatic. The lines ring in the mind.

Wonderful write

God bless you

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