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Space Travellers

by Jacqueline Ives (Age: 79)
copyright 01-13-2012

Age Rating: 16 +



So we landed our craft on this planet

where the people were strange – scarcely human.

Their religion was religions – made divisions;

for some night had descended upon them.

They made “war”; they killed each other.

It was like our bad fairy stories.

Yet these people were human like us;

but killed God’s creatures for food and clothing,

saying that this was His purpose.

Things were worse than our leaders had warned us;

For some night had descended on men.


Now when we visit that planet,

we disguise ourselves as earth-men

(yet these people were human like us);

for they had forgotten that men

were born to love all as brothers

(though the words are in their religions).

Even those who remember have got blurred vision.

Some night has descended upon them all

-         yet if they had known we came from another planet,

they’d have seen their mirrors in us;

they’d have thought we came to destroy,

not to save and fulfil;

for some night has descended upon them all,

yet these people are human like us.

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        08-18-2013     Mike Farr        

Hello my friend,
Excellent work,

This poem is a very clever turnabout tail,
Truth be told Jacqueline, I would not want to land on a planet of people with different physical characteristics and a like philosophical demeanor as us, because, I do not cherish the idea of being dissected, put into specimen jars, and then taken to ones leader. We are by nature, a shoot first, ask questions later type of people, even though we do a very good job of hiding it. Nice Job, keep writing.

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