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Tears To Rivers Edge

by Walter Jones (Age: 71)
copyright 02-13-2012

Age Rating: 16 +


It was a gilded cage
Face and promise the rage
All is till
Just the monsters will
May we rest in peace

Stars flame out light
Burning trouble in flight
Just a want in amber sky
No go good reason why
A perfect delight

Kiss the sun
As the wild comes undone
Roller costar in flight
Miss the heavens
Kiss the night
A golden flame ignites

And we weep in simple peaces
Ray of hope
Sand increased
Glass turned
What was learned
In love we keep

Over in the glen
Watched a hundred droning sin
Ask you shall receive
Only one or two grieve
The failing sun

I heard the pastor cry
In his voice I say then die
A hearse is but a shell
Rode the faire to hell
In a flamed out lie

We who keep the hope
Crack the pile
Sell the dope
Last to well
Only one left to kill
Robin on a windowsill

Let spring try

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        03-02-2012     Alan Reed        

we are but crusty shells. but replete with the marshmellow filling that poets disperse - until its all gone.

        02-15-2012     Frank Fields        

But Spring will come, more like than not and the preacher man, like the muezzin from his lofty tower, claims credit for its return. Look, instead, for the day the Robin returneth not, then know that Spring did fail as we cross that windowsill in search of....

Truly fine!

Frank :)

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