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by Jacqueline Ives (Age: 79)
copyright 03-20-2012

Age Rating: 13 +



True life scene from “Beastly Business” – BBC Programme February 18th 2001.

Amazing that this “beastly business” is still going on!


Pray for the seal mother

crying over her skinned baby,

all that soft white pelt she cherished

taken by torture

-         she knows not why or where.


We know it has gone

to feed man’s greed

and woman’s vanity.


True women know

how lovingly

she carried the child,

and birthed it in the snow.


The wonderful life

in her pup’s big eyes, stamped out

-         her own are dulled and heavy with tears.


All that is left

of the warm child she nuzzled,

and who returned her kiss,

is this lump of red flesh.


Weep now, mother, but your grief

shall not be forgotten.

Your tears are not in vain.

Our awareness of your pain

shall help to redeem the earth.







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        04-19-2015     Mike Farr        

Hello Jacqueline,


From Elephant Tusks to Seal Fur, there is really no need for the slaughter anymore; we have great synthetics and the Polar Bears and Orcas keep the seal populations in check. Personally I am fond of Elephants and Tigers, especially Tigers, but we are bringing them to nonexistence, as they are critically endangered.

To hunt a species to extinction is not logical, “Spock, Captains log stardate 8031”, or some date like that.

Anyway, even though Seals and other Animals do not feel love or sorrow, I still agree with your cause, we should nip this thing in the butt.

Let’s skin a few seal hunters and poachers, and nail their hides to a barn door, we will let their mamas cry over them.

        10-19-2014     Rachel Brown        

OMG this is such a sad poem which makes me
want to cry myself. Goodness someone has to put a direct stop to this sort of pain I'm serious this is so wrong any man who does this should be put to death himself.
This is just so so so wrong.
Thanks for sharing this painful piece with us Jacqueline .
Rachel Brown

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