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Sun Spots

by Alan Reed (Age: 67)
copyright 04-18-2012

Age Rating: 10 +


Two hearts but only one hand

smiling and making us one

Together we sat in the sand

and glowed as bright as the sun


From where did this emptiness come

With your lyric poems washing away

Painting my ocean so gray


Parts of my fingers go numb

When you are not a part of my day


From where does happiness come

When your kisses can only be seen

Past floaters in eyes serene green


Watching the Humming Bird hum

I miss you is all that I mean


Two hearts but only one hand

laughing and making us one

Together let us sift the sand

and shine as bright as the sun

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        12-06-2013     Mae Futter Stein        

Hi Alan,
What a lovely thought for your poem, To hearts
but only one hand smiling and making one. Those
are beautiful words. It just makes the poem come alive and fill in the spots with thoughts of all that comes after. Thank you so much for sharing
this delightful work of love.
Hugs to you...Mae

        05-24-2012     Frank Fields        

Seems I've been gone for awhile now, but this is probably one of your nicer works. Compared to your earliest pieces, that is. ^^ Two hearts, one hand, and watching the Humming bird hum. Very nice, Alan. All of it. Opens doors long closed. Thank you. ^.^

Frank :)

        04-19-2012     Alan Reed        

Thank you Susan and thank you for sharing the story about your new friend -- Alan

        04-18-2012     Susan Brown        

Hi Alan,
Sun Spots. What goes on inside the mind of a writer when pondering where one fits in the sands of our everyday existence?

By chance, I met a mule man the other day at a roadside store/laundry. This man has been traveling the country since his wife passed eleven years ago. He had a great since of humor and we at the barn (I invited him to) became fast friends. This poem reminds me of a message he left on my phone after resting "visiting" with us for three days. Friendship arrives in many forms.

In this instance "Sun Spots" put me in mind to circles of brighter days. In front of a person... as well as behind.

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